ikbis is launched!


This video says it all..

The paint is still wet. But we opened the doors anyway! ikbis is live!!

Official press release from the Toot Corporation will be issued later today.

8 Responses to “ikbis is launched!”

  1. Hussein Says:

    i just subscribed.. i think we need an “ikbis uploader”, a software work on Mac & Pc.. to upload movies, jpgs, and music maybe directly to ikbis.com.


    i can’t edit my tags on the site!! what shall i do?

  2. nasimjo Says:

    hehe ,, ba3ref!
    I opened it yesterday, and opened it today at 7.55 AM … I guess i was the 1st visitor (hint hint, any iPODs for me!)
    Flickr and You tube now have something to think about :)

    btw, im facing a bug in the videos! even after it FULL loads, its gets paused while playing at some points, and i have to forward it a little bit to continue the video..

    this sounds annoying several times/ video.

    also, when u scroll at position in the player, it always goes a little before it!

  3. nasimjo Says:

    now i need another iPOD on those beta related QA tips :)

  4. Nas Says:

    good work my friend!

  5. Hussein Says:

    ok, editing is wokin now.. thanx!

  6. Mazen Says:

    AMAZING!! an arabic countepart of YouTube….I wish you success! Mabroooooook!

  7. Radi Says:

    copycats :D

  8. Global Voices Online Says:

    Jordan: toot, tan and ikbis!...

    Blogging is growing rapidly in the Arab world, and some smart projects are capitalizing on this growth by providing tools that were until a while ago a de facto Western made only!
    After the hand picked posts in the famous ‘toot’ aggregator,...

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