Yarmouk University student clashes, as captured on a mobile

Camera-phone footage is emerging from the recent clashes that occurred in Yarmouk University. Al Ghad daily is reporting today that a ‘tribal reconciliation’ has been achieved which has reduced the tention in the university. Four people were injured in the fight, which started with a fight between two students, according to University officials (other reports suggested the fight broke out because of student club elections). Four people were injured, and the anti riot police had to intervene.

An investigation into what happened is ongoing.

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9 Responses to “Yarmouk University student clashes, as captured on a mobile”

  1. Ola Says:

    Qemmet etta5allof! ma kano 3emlo el reconciliation men awwal!!

  2. OmAr Says:

    You can hear them shouting at the end: “Irbid Irbid.. ho ho” I doubt that the fight was not about a girl in the first place and then escalated into a civil war like the case in JU ! I don’t think they’ve reached a point where they fight over a subject like clubs elections!

  3. nasimjo Says:

    and more details can be found here and here
    some comments i had are interesting!

    I heard from 10s of poeple today that a guy passed away in the big fight!
    still rumors I guess!

  4. Moey Says:

    this is sad.. I’m writing an article that might link back here. is it alright with you? and btw, ikbis doesn’t embed on my blog.. any ideas why?

  5. Moey’s » ..and I wanted to study textile design at Al-Yarmouk.. Says:

    [...] “look at the situation. and say thank god you’re in Al-Aliyyeh” my friend abdallah said. for more check’s A.Humaid’s post [link] [...]

  6. Saad Darwazeh Says:

    Truly shameful to have this in our educational instituations. Most probably, the fight was about some rediculous issue and only the muscle flexing idiotic, ignorant students are capable of that. It shows how ‘educated’ we are…

    Ahmad, do you have a video for the parliamant ‘hosheh’ or not yet?! Ya Zalameh, that was even more stupid – to confiscate and break the cameras of reporters I like it when they say, “under Qubat Al-Barlaman” ... now we know what they actually do under the Quba

  7. Nizar Selander Says:

    Yarmouk University Comic by Abu Mahjoob:


  8. n@simjo ©: Terrific Traffic! Says:

    [...] over 250 hits up till the moment on the previous couple of POSTSdespite the fact that S E V E R A L sources also talked about the topic… but remember it came from here … and THIS IS THE source of the short film uploaded on ikbis.on an update of the whole incident, seems the whole “Democratic Fuss/ A.K.A: HOSHE” was … and as usual, because of a girl!Ba3dein ma3 hal gessa!Labels: Jordan, University, Yarmouk [...]

  9. ahmad Says:

    wtf this shit is shameful every one is cheering them on instead of breaking the “toshi” up , queers
    the only thing we get out of this sh1t “as Jordanians “is bad reputation as hot blooded and idiotic fools
    one more thing i don’t know how these guys got into Yarmouk in the first place they should study “handaset shaware3 “or something like it….
    ps: iam not trying to offend any Jordanian brothers who got nothing to do with this but i am just pissed off..

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