Steorn free energy update: A presentation, and a Guardian article

Yesterday and today there was a bit of an upsurge in news about Steorn, the company that claims it invented a magnetic-based technology that can produce energy from nothing. Yesterday, Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy gave a presentation about his company’s technology in the London Kinetica Museum. No video is available of the talk he gave yet, but I will keep looking for it and will post it if I find it.

And today, there was a new story about Steorn in the Guardian, one of the very few mainstream media outlets who are covering the story.

Sean McCarthy, the chief executive of Steorn, told an audience in London that the company had already produced a prototype which ran independently for four weeks. He also claimed to have built another motor using the system which could produce enough energy to power a Porsche car.

Last November, Steorn held a party in a Dublin pub, inviting members of the company’s website discussion forum, where the debate has been raging for months about everything the company claims. After the party Steorn released this video, containing interviews with the company’s executives and footage for the Dublin part, it is absolutely worth watching.

One of the forum members, holding a copy of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, and borrowing its author’s Thomas Kuhn’s most famous phrase, says in this video that it is certain a “paradigm is being shifted here”: the paradigm of hoaxes or that of physics!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, the following video is a good primer on the Steorn controversy.

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