Question to Jordan’s game freaks: is anyone selling the Nintendo Wii in Amman (or Dubai)?

The Nintendo Wii has caught my attention recently. I am ‘in the market’ for a new games console as a birthday gift for my son. He, believe it or not, still uses a PlayStation 1 (which he inherited from his teenage uncle). So our household has missed on a complete generation of video games.

Originally I was thinking of a PlayStation 3. But it is very expensive and seems overpowered for a 9 year old.

After checking out some reviews in magazines and online, the Wii really started appealing to me. It seems to be the more social, family friendly and, not to forget, the more affordable option. The motion sensitive, wireless Wii-mote controller also seems cool.


Has anyone of you gamers out there tried out the Wii. Also, is it available anywhere in Amman. What about Dubai? For how much is it selling in the Middle East..

Help out a dad!

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49 Responses to “Question to Jordan’s game freaks: is anyone selling the Nintendo Wii in Amman (or Dubai)?”

  1. P Says:

    wii is available in Dubai in limited quantities through some stores, I got one when it was released last month for 2200 AED.

  2. Omery15 Says:

    I dont know anywhere, but you should check Aladdin, the one in swefieh, cause i heard they where getting PS3

  3. Al Says:

    My man, the Nintendo Wii is very very AWESOME and I am almost sure that your son would really appreciate the WII because it is a Revolution. It is very easy to use and very fun and also much cooler than the boring PlayStation 3 that costs 600 dollars. So if you are going to buy him a game-console it is the Wii that you want. You will also love it because it is very fun and entertaining.

    But I can’t help you with your other question because I live in Sweden so I don’t know if you can get one in Jordan or Dubai. I bought mine 2 weeks ago and it was very well spent money.

  4. Zeid Nasser Says:

    Not available in the ME (officially), in fact it just went on sale in Europe!

    Expect some grey importers to offer it to you at 100% more than it’s worth.

    None that I know of in Amman, though. Dubai, for sure. Everything in the world is available somewhere in Dubai!

  5. Hamzeh N. Says:

    I tried both the Wii and the PS3 in the US. The PS3 is definitely the most powerfull game machine out there and you’re probably right it’s probably a little overkill for a 9 year old, although you have to keep in mind you might find yourself enjoying it too AND it also is a blueray player and those standalone cost more actually than the price of the PS3, so that kind of makes it a good deal for some.

    One thing that you should keep in mind about the Wii. There is a well present problem with controllers slipping from the hands of players by mistake when playing. I think someone told me when they first sold the Wii controllers didn’t have wrist straps, but when I played it the controllers definitely had wrist strapts. But even with the wrist straps, you would have to ask yourself how likely it’s going to be for your 9 year old (or his friends) to forget to strap the controller around his hand when playing and how long can the controllers last without flying towards the wall, or worse the TV, and end up being damaged.

    Having said all of that. I think you’re probably right and the Wii is probably the best choice. It’s A LOT of fun and it’s less expensive, just be careful with the controllers and make it the No. 1 rule that the wrist straps have to be used all the time.

    I’m sorry I don’t know anything about where you could find them in Amman or in Dubai though.

  6. kinzi Says:

    Ahmad, we have stuck with the PS1, as other options are just too expensive. We declared a ‘screen-free Christmas’ and were amazed to see the boys begin to play Lego and outside again (until the rain started). Maybe missing a generation of games isn’t so bad.

    BUT, a friend visited who just bought a Wii. The whole family is enjoying it, and adding the physical dimension is a good thing. No idea what it costs.

  7. PALFORCE Says:


    If you want I can get you one on my way to Amman, but thats in Mid March.


  8. Firas Says:

    I don’t know where you can get it. But beware, it has few limited titles. Anyways it should be enjoyed by the whole family.

    Your best choice is to use Aramex service (though online stores might not have it available, you have to wait for next year to get shipped( Jan 7 + allow 5-7 days for overseas shipping), if you are short of time just do it the Jordanian way :D (ask if any cousin in the US is visiting Jordan soon, they’ll buy it for you, and cross your fingers the custom guy at Queen Alia airport won’t catch them !

    PS: My Birthday is coming up soon too :D , I would accept cash rather a Wii

  9. Humeid Says:

    People! Thanks for the AWESOME advice and info (and offer to get me one). Really appreciated.

    I think I made my mind up. I will try to get it from Dubai or Germany.

    If anyone still has more reviews and expereinces with the Wii, please share :)


  10. Moey Says:

    its for around 200 JD in Kuwait.

  11. Nizar Says:

    well, I live in Sweden and many of my friends are searching (if not hunting) for one of these Wii consoles, its simply a revolution of home video games..

    Playstation 3 costs a lot and its not worth the price you pay unless you have a very huge TV screen..

    Xbox 360 is alot better than the playstation 3, its ½ the price with as many games and it has a service called the Xbox Live, for multi player games online..

    Wii, Its the best if you compare it with the amount of money you will pay to the console and the games, you can have alot of fun playing games with these controllers but the problem is that the games aren’t as good as other gaming consoles..

    My recommendation: If your son is under 18-20, buy a Wii but make sure that you have at lest two controls for multiple players, it might cost you a bit more, but its worth it when it comes to multi players..

    Enjoy :)

  12. sivz Says:

    well it only has 2 good games out
    1.) Zelda-TP
    2.) Wii sports (which comes free with the system)

    and from my experience wii is only fun when your playing with a bunch of people =
    anyway good luck
    and happy birthday to your son
    p.s Alladin has a wii ,im not sure he sold it yet but my friend sold him a US version a couple of days ago for 300 Jds

  13. Mustapha Says:

    On sale in Lebanon.

    I found one in ABC Dbayyeh for $1,000 (yes, one thousand :D )

  14. tariku Says:

    Well yes you can find it in Al Aqsa gaming store in Gardens Street. They got both systems the Nintendo Wii for 400 JD and the PS3 20 GB for 650 JD with a fare amount of games on both consoles.

  15. Ismael Says:

    Salam Ahmad…

    Wii & PS3 are available in Aladi (Swefeyye) & Al Aqsa (7th Circle)...price at al Aqsa much better! (650 JD’s for PS3 while its 900 JD’s at Aladin)

    Enjoy the experience & let us know about it

  16. unknow Says:

    Is the Wii still available at Al aqsa?
    And also at what price are they selling it?

  17. Sana Saleh Says:

    Hi going to Amman soon and am thinking of buyinng a Wii as a present-one of the comments in your responses was that the customs won’t let it through-am I going to be afraid of them confiscating it at the airport?

  18. Humeid Says:

    Nothing gets “confiscated’ at the airport. The worst case scenario is that you will have to pay some customs duty. But for the past few years I’ve been bring with me things like external hard disks and other pieces of electronic equipment without ever having to pay any customs (or even getting stopped by them). Remove the thing from the box and put it with you laptop if you are carrying one.

  19. Klips Says:

    Well, in Amman-Jordan you can buy it from a store called Aladdin (Tele 00962-6-5859426), and it costs about 350JD (Japanese and modified), while an American Wii and modified costs 400JD.

    Modified means it can play copied games.

    For me, I really dunno if I should buy this modified one from Amman or not because I am staying in Germany and I dunno if it will work there with original copies.

  20. Citizen Says:

    For a 110 JD minimum wage country …. reality check pls !

    I think we should shoot the TV and the Internet until we can do something about our dead economy.

    You need the internet ? For ? chatting , Warez, stealing projects, facebook, buy/sell (do you), ... what ?

    5% 6% 7% 10% 25% 50% 70% Economy growth !

    Bullsh*t !

    5% 6% 7% 10% 25% 50% 70% growth in Government nose !!

    Thats more like it !

  21. buyer beware Says:

    [edited by moderator]

    Dont buy from Aladdin. buyer beware, they sell you the console modified between 600-800J.D, no warranty, console got screwed after two days, guys wont return money, buyer beware. Please post Alaqsa phone number.

  22. amirali Says:

    hi i need a nintendo wii for summer 2008 and i want buy it 1200 dhs or 1250 dhs with everything if u can find it plz send email bye bye

  23. oula doukieh Says:

    hi i want to buy a Nintendo DS lite from Dubai
    can anyone help me with giving me some addresses or website
    and thank you..

  24. Keith Madanat Says:

    I have a Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 elite 120G and playstation 3 40G I’m trying to sell… I live in Jordan… Let me know

  25. Mazen Says:

    Hi Keith, i’m interestred in Xbox 360, how can i contact you, i liive in jordan.

  26. keith madanat Says:

    Here’s my cell phone number, 0799341189 get in touch with me as I won’t be in Jordan for long, and i already have a lot of people interested! I have sold the Wii, I believe the 360 is next to go… But I have one or two PS3’s in stock now… Get back at me…


  27. Mazen Says:

    Hi Kieth,

    what a lost, i asked one of my friends in Dubai to get my a 360 and he did, i will be getting it tomorrow.
    Still, can you help me in modding the system, i want to mod it to play coppied games.


  28. Keith Madanat Says:

    Yes Mazen I can have it modded for you for a pretty reasonable price… I know quiet a few places here in Amman that I’m pretty good friends with… I could list a few places not to take your console to though, because they will seriously mess your system up lol and from experience any Xbox 360 concole can easily overheat or brake if tampered with… In most cases I’ve had times where the disk slips when inside the console causing the red lights of death… Thats a bitch trying to fix trust me… So just let me know when your ready to mod up ;) for a guy who knows his shit haha… Holla


  29. Mazen Says:

    Dear Kieth,

    Thanks a lot man, I got it maodded in Aladdin stores in Swafieh.
    So for is its ok and hope never see this famous Red Ring Of Death.
    Thanks again man for your kind help.


  30. Haitham alzawati Says:

    hello everybody I have a ps3 60gb can run ps2 games also I also have 20 ps3 titles including mgs4 and gta4 and call of duty 3 , uncharted , need for speed , burout paradise , devil may cry , viking , conan ,civilizstions , jericho , motor storm , resistance , lost planet , splinter cell , stranghold , winning eleven , onimisha , fifa , nba courtyard also , another original controller , also 2 blue ray movies and ps3 remote control and wireless keyboard I’m offering it all for 1500 jd , anyone who is interested call me on 0785126119 or email me on

  31. 3mmar Says:

    hi there
    people i need help!
    i need to get a wii soon
    can anyone help me find one
    us not (j) type m3delha
    for 350JDs

  32. Marcus A. JohnStone Says:

    Hey everybody I’m tryin to find a decent New Year’s gift for my brother, and I live in Amman. I have about 410 JD and I REALLY need to know where i can get one and if its enough

    Please Reply

  33. Zaid AMir Says:

    Anyone knows a place in Jordan where I can find an X360 with a reasonable price. Moded of course. What are the prices for the different bundles. I checked Virgin and Prime but the prices there are insane.

  34. FORBDDIN Says:

    hey every body,if you have a wii and you cant enter the setting
    to conect your wii online.its not a problem anymore
    i can fix it and give you extra option for free!

    i had the same problem my self and i aske aliaden and aqusa and they didnt know
    how to help me and how to fix it!

    then i decided to know every thing about it!
    and i manged to fix my wii and get free channels like world of goo

    every one i didnt feel the realy joy of playing wii until i bringed back the internet
    and all option back.its like bringing wii back to life

    i can do the same for you all!

    just for 10 jd

    better than taking it to aladen .you cant trust them 2 and dont know what will
    they do and if it really gona work agin


    i live in:
    amman marj al hamam
    my name is:3mmar
    my phone num is:5714923

    if you wont me to help you find the joy of wii conect to internet and playing online
    watching on the wii youtube videos online,openig your email and much much more…
    call me!
    i will be wating

  35. Alaa Says:


  36. YAZAN Says:

    thnx alaa for taking me to ammar online games are sooooooo cool :D
    ammar thnx for making my wii multi region ur AWSOME!

  37. ALAA Says:


  38. a.a..j Says:

    hey every body
    am selling my Wii

    1-ntcs wii-usa Version
    3-includes 5 new channel on the menu worth 45jd
    3-with 16 game

    brand new in its box-opend just once


    if you wont to buy it
    call me on 5714923
    if you didnt like the price
    call me and we could work things out

  39. abdulla Says:

    yo anyone wanna buy my wii with 22 games and 1 GC controller and a wii remote and nunchuk and its modded and it has games in wii and has the homebrew channel the homebrew channel in it u can play movies and many sooooooo anyone wants to buy it

    for 300 JD
    1,500 U.A.E currency
    430 DOLLARS

  40. anon Says:

    Wii rules as a a whole family game, at least u get off the couch.
    get the ntsc usa version, games are released way sooner than the pal version, cheaper too.
    no need to modify, personal opinion.
    u get wii sports by default.
    great options for kidz/family are : – Wii play ( hunting, fishing, billiards, ping pong etc all in one)
    Wii fit, ur own mini gym at home , will blow ur mind with its controls ( yoga, strength, hula hoop, running in nature, snow boarding, ski, balance board, zen, step excersize comes with its “wii board”) – mario galaxy
    -mario wii karting
    and if for ur self Pro Evolution soccer (winning ya3ni) 2009 just been released in the US, this might frustrate u if ur used to winning on PS, but when u get used to the new controls, it gives more control on more than 1 player at the same time just WOW!!
    get him a wii, and ur entire family’ll love u for it.

  41. Safe Says:

    hey everybody
    does anybody know where i can find an Xbox 360 pro in Jordan of course,
    i need it modded and new and for cheap price if possible.

  42. Atiyeh Says:

    hey Abdullah,

    do u have wii fit with your wii console? if yes then i am interested to buy it from u.

  43. 3mmar joudeh Says:

    hi every one am selling my playstation 3 160gb with HDMI gold plated av cabel with a ps3 eye and 4 games and 1 coupon for a free onlinegame to download and the eye of judgement

    for : 600jd

    am selling the wii m3deha with wiikey 2 and 21 game and 3 hack cds

    for: 350jd

  44. Safe Says:

    anyone here knows where i can modd my x 360 :(

  45. layth Says:

    safe i know somewhere i got my xbox 360 in jannuary for 390 jds lowest price in jordan its in virgin megastore then type in the net how to flash your 360 you will get many websites to help u without paying one jd

  46. Yaz Says:

    Hi, selling a brand new wii+wii sport+ sensor bar. No remotes or connection. Not modified. Direct from the US. We are going back to the States and thought we would sell it. This is NEW. Price JD290. Email if interested. Thanks

  47. laith Says:

    maaaaan, this stuff is expensive in jordan or dubai, i dont know these days gold is cheaper , lol , i work in the largest electronic store in the world, ps3 is 299 us and the wii is 199 find out how much you have to pay shipping and taxes and all that crap and i can send you one

  48. Bobby Says:

    Hey Laith,

    Where are you located – I need to buy one Wii with all accessories, games, controllers, nunchuks, other gaming equipment. I want to give it to my daughter. Pls let me know where and how much i can get it for. I have a friend flying to Dubai tomorrow and can pick it up from me.

  49. naser Says:

    Hallo my name is naser i live in jordan my friend bought a wii from saudi for like 250 jds his dad is a pilot so he got it from there is there a way i can order one or buy it from jordan on same price well they sell it for 450 jds on jordan is it possible to get it on 250 jds ? plz reply if u know a place ..

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