Apple created the perfect phone for me


So the iPhone is real. It’s no longer vapourware. And it’s perfect for me. Thank goodness I did not buy an E61 or Sony Ericsson P990. I can’t wait to see the recorder video stream of Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote today.
If you think that this is simply a large-screen video iPod with some phone functionality ‘thrown in’ you are mistaken. The interface, which I have only read descriptions and seen still image of, is revolutionary. Goodbye keys. Goodbye styluses. Say hello to what Steve Jobs called the best pointing device in the world: your fingers. Not you finger but FINGER. The iPhone has a patented multi-touch screen where more than one finger can be at work.

You know the movie Minority Report. Remember how Tom Cruise used to enlarge pictures on the virtual screen by pulling them apart. The iPhone works basically on that pricnciple.

Also: goodbye little QWERTY keyboards. Apple claims that the virtual on-screen QWERTY keyboard is intelligent enough to make typing easy. This is very important to me. T9 is OK, but I always wated a Qwerty keyboard on my phone.

According to the demos on Apple’s site, the phone functionality seems to be great.

Amazingly this new device (can we really still call this a phone) runs a version of Mac OS X. Which opens up the possibility of powerful applications running on the iPhone. The Safari browser demo just looked great. There was no word in the keynote about third party applications, but I do hope that thinkgs like Skype will eventually come out of the mobile OS X.
Email is alos another thing I wanted to finally experience in a proper mobile manner. Sure my Nokia 6600 can access my POP mailbox (and I’ve done that a few time). But the presence of WiFi (as well as EDGE) networking in the iPhone will make the email experience much better. Push email (ala Blackberry) is another interesting feature og the iPhone.

Another prayer of mine that Apple have answered is the presence of a camera. OK it’s only a 2 megapixel camera which, surprisingly is at the back of the phone (and not in the front, for video conferencing for example). But I need a camera in my phone. Yes I have a proper digital camera too. But I use the phone as a casual point and shoot camera very often.

I am not a mobile media freak. I listen to some podcasts on my Nano. But when I saw the beautiful interface of the iPhones video and photo capabilities, the though of having something like the iPhone in my pocket started to become extremely appealing.

Finally, me being a Mac user, it is perfect that Apple have finally brought out a phone. I don’t have to worry about those annoying synchronization problem that I always get with my Nokia.

The only bad news: I don;t think this phone will reach Jordan before one year. It will be launched in the US in June. It will be in Europe in Q4 2007 and in Asia in 2008. Let’s see if American phones start making their way towards our region in the late summer.

Apple seems to be on track to prove, yet again, that the interface is holy grail of the digital experience age. Jobs claimed that the iPhone has more that 200 patents in it. This changes the game.

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16 Responses to “Apple created the perfect phone for me”

  1. europia Says:

    Couldn’t agree more… I checked any site I could find to get some infos and videos. This device is what some of us have been waiting for so long. Now it’s time to get some money aside though!

  2. TG Says:


    This device look to be great but I’m afraid it will be priced badly, I’m expecting this device to retail at $1000+ (being optimistic)...

    If the price is going to be that high, this great device (as it seems) will turn into a miserable failure…

    Let’s wait and see anyway.


  3. bakkouz Says:

    Yes but isn’t the iPhone Cingular-exclusive for 2 years?

  4. sivz Says:

    too bad its gonna be a while for it to become available in jordan, and with the market here it would probably cost 500 jds or so, i’m going to wait for people to figure out how to unlock it from cingular then try getting one off ebay :P

  5. ramseytesdell Says:

    I am buying one as soon as I get back to the states in June.

  6. And Far Away » Amusement Says:

    [...] Yeah, sure, it’s gorgeous and all, just like almost every other gadget that ever came out of the Steve Jobs studio, but what’s REALLY awesome-slash-amusing-slash-brilliant is how only His Jobness Steve can manage to get almost every single gadget-aware adult to go into an “I WANT THAT MOMMY!” fussy-fit less than hours after it was unveiled. [...]

  7. David Says:

    Since Apple is partnering with Cingular in the States, I wonder who they’re going to get to support the visual voicemail here in Jordan?

  8. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    sent you a trackback but it’s not showing … hmmmm!

  9. Adnan Says:

    I am quoting CNN here:

    “Despite that uncertainty—and despite the fact that Apple’s phone won’t be available until June—Wall Street has initially blessed it. Apple shares jumped $7.10 to close at $92.57 on the Nasdaq Stock Market, creating about $6 billion in new shareholder wealth. The stock has traded in a 52-week range of $50.16 to $93.16.”

    What a great success is anticipated for this! My opinion is that all technology folks should start paying attention to Apple again as it surely coming back.. big time!!

    As for those who are wondering about its price, according to CNN the price tag will be in the range of 500 $ in the American market.. I dont think that’s a high price! in fact it sounds Very reasonable for me!!

    I am getting me one of those ASAP!

  10. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    $500 Locked for Cingular with 2 Year contract. The price for the unlocked version will probably be in the $900+ range, in other words, beyond most geeks means. But someone is going to come and say, sell your grandmother and buy one it’s a chick magnet! Oops .. someone already said that ;-)

  11. AbuSaleh Says:

    I think this is going to be an amazing phone. However, I think Steve Jobs decision to keep this a closed system and not open it to 3rd party development is a big mistake.

    And yes, I am getting one too when it comes out. But I wish it has built in GPS, and a higher Mega Pixel camera.

  12. Ammar Ibrahim Says:

    This is the best looking phone I’ve ever seen, it’s very nice. I checked the functionality, and I figured this would be the perfect moble for me as well. But then I figured out the followng:
    1- It doesn’t support J2ME, which I think is stupid! they want people to start writing applications all over again, that’s silly
    2- The phone doesn’t support SIP. Again, I think this is stupid.

    What’s weird is that the two phones that you listed (E61 & P990) are exactly what I need, I’ve been trying to figure out for the past week which phone I’m going to get. I think I will get the E61, and then wait to see if the iPhone is worth the investment….

  13. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    And the straw that will break the camels back is …......
    The battery is SEALED! You can’t have a second battery, you can’t replace the battery. If you’re a road warrior and always on the go, and keep few batteries just in-case your phone/PDA doesn’t have access to a charger … you can’t do anything … You can only change batteries at Authorized apple dealers!!

  14. Adnan Says:

    These are nice and interesting information Qwaider.. especially on the battery part.. would Apple be so silly to make its first mobile phone so “unmobile”? if that’s the case then it’s worth rethinking..

  15. Philipp Says:

    Man, this is really a cool device, check out the latest commercial:

  16. And Far Away... Says:

    [...] Yeah, sure, it’s gorgeous and all, just like almost every other gadget that ever came out of the Steve Jobs studio, but what’s REALLY awesome-slash-amusing-slash-brilliant is how only His Jobness Steve can manage to get almost every single gadget-aware adult to go into an “I WANT THAT MOMMY!” fussy-fit less than hours after it was unveiled. [...]

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