Columbia Journalism Review mentions Toot and Ikbis

As the Arab blogosphere continues to grow and evolve, it is gaining more attention from Western journalists and academics. I just found a very interesting, long article, entitled The New Arab Conversation, on Columbia University’s Columbia Journalism Review. It is a comprehensive overview of the Arab blogging trend, from an American perspective.

Toot and Ikbis were mentioned in the article as examples of an “interesting alternative space that is being formed” in the Arab blogosphere.

I need to point out a correction here, as the article assumes that Toot and Ikbis are English language site. Both sites are, in fact, bilingual, even though on Toot the English language blogs outweigh the Arabic ones in number.

Read the article here.

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  1. kinzi Says:

    VERY very cool to see people I respect and read noticed by the West. There is hope.

  2. toot: The Arab blog network » Blog Archive » toot is purty Says:

    [...] Via 360 East [...]

  3. Ali Says:


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