Hey, Jordan.. What’s you favourite radio station?

Have you noticed how busy the FM dial has become on your Radio in Jordan. I can’t even keep track of all the radio stations launched in the past 2 years!

One thing that intrigues me is the question: what are people listening to? So let’s hear it from you: What’s your favorite radio station in Jordan and why? It would be really cool if you could mention your age and gender and what city/neighborhood you live in :)

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  1. Roba Says:

    Mood FM!
    Why don’t you set up a poll? It wouldbe interesting andeasier to get feedback to.

  2. bakkouz Says:

    Fann Fm, but mostly during the morning period listening to m7amad al wakeel, and sometimes at the evening/nights.

  3. Saad Darwazeh Says:

    Ahmad, please let me tell you: PLAY is probably the most popular, they are dynamic, professional and the DJ is quite creative and very funny – fresh attitude in general. But too much of Play will give me a headache though!

    Next in line is probably Beat FM which targets the same age group. ‘Mood’ is quite popular in its age group (40+) !! I think Fann has a sizeable audiance as well.

    Thats my own personal opnion…

    Music in all forms and languages is extremely essential and I am enjoying the idea of having several stations, the variety and all the dynamics that come with it.

  4. Humeid Says:

    Thanks Roba, Bakkouz and Saad. Any more opinions on this?

    Roba, a poll will not allow people to say why they like a station.

    Thanks and keep commenting :)

  5. Osama Says:

    well, i agree with Roba, next time try to use a simple voting system, anyway.. as for me i think Beat FM, they play techno, trance.. they have BB dj at weekend, maybe play as a brand is the strongest and they r well orginized, but i am more interested in RAP and Techno.. and thats what Beat delivers for me ya 7ayati

  6. Sid Vicious Says:

    none, cuz none put any rock on, and forget about the odd one off song u might find once in a while cuz that’s not worth turning the radio on for. Radio Jordan used to have a rock show, dunno what the situation is now tho…

  7. manal y Says:

    favorite radio station: Play
    why: i like the D.J’s, the shows and the announcements they make, the other stations i find them noisy
    age: 25.5
    city :amman

  8. Firas Says:

    Mornings: Fann FM – Al Wakeel’s Show (Besera7a)

    Sometimes: Watan FM (It’s a new channel- ballsy)

    The thing is, other channels just have music 24/7 so you won’t stick to one channel but you keep looking for a song you like, once it’s over, you switch the dial again. Some of the shows are made by morons for morons, I’m not sure how one can handle listening to : What is the name of the musical instrument that Razan el Muhgrabi plays the most?She mentioned it in Layalina? So you have to listen to another 50 callers answering the same thing ( El LeBYanooo , safha 39) (The cabbie had it on, and I was too polite, he was really into it, I think he just love that Lebanese presenter who comes after Al Wakeel, lol)

  9. Joladies Says:

    Mood because I am an oldie and prefer western music (maybe because I am originally from the west!!). T

  10. adel Says:

    Best Station: BBC Arabic
    Best Show: BBC Extra

    I used to be a big fan of 96.3 FM, but not anymore, It lost its genuine image. I listen to radio swiss pop through radio streaming instead.

    i am 26 Male.

    Glad you asked :)

  11. Joseph Kalis Says:

    Ahlein FM 97.1, its my favorite mostly alternative rock music…

  12. Nizar Says:

    Radio Fann
    and the morning program with m7mad el wakeel

    although i listen to it on the net, cuz im living in Sweden at the moment

  13. Mariam Ayyash Says:

    first is M7ammad el wakeel if i catch it while driving, i sometimes tune in using my mobile, but im not obsessed about radio in general.
    im almost 30, in amman (western)
    and when i was younger i listened to 96.3 a lot (it was the only one available) and to Rechet Gimmel!!!! can u believe that? they used to be very recent in their music collections. right now i tune in to mood FM more often -and loving it, but again, i am no radio fan, i just love computers more :)
    as for the rest, i realized there are many, none was interesting enough (they all play … music! or news!) the BBC is an exception.

  14. Ana Says:

    Mosh sho’3lak, ahmad.

  15. Humeid Says:

    Come on Ana.. the people want to know ;)

    Anyway: here are my radio preferences:

    Mostly BBC Arabic to hear all the depressing news (I often catch part of Hadith Al Sa3a when driving home around 9 pm)

    I also switch between Play and Beat.

    Sometime I venture off to AmmanNet (great community station!)

    As a media obsessed person I also do a tour of other station like Hayat FM, Ahlen, Monte Carlo (used to listen to them more in the past).

    Amman-West/Male/36 :)

    More comments please..

  16. dadan Says:

    Ahlen FM :D

  17. moey Says:

    Mood FM :)

  18. nasimjo Says:

    Hmm … lets see what we’ve got in here..
    I wanted to do this since a while … but maybe my blogs poor traffic wont get me massive results … especially that soon ill be starting a radio show about jordanian radio stations …. OOOoooooooOOps! did i just spoil out a secret :P

    anyway.. I try to listen to each and every station and radio show in town … dont ask me how and why …!
    But mainly what i prefer out of jordanian radio stations:

    - Morning: Radio Jordan 96.3 FM’s Morning madness, & Fann FM’s Wakeel… sometimes I switch to Play’s Fine morning show with Lee (Its still the best show to get some cool get aways in jordan:)).

    - Daytime: Mood FM mainly, except for LC-listener’s choice on radio jordan on fridays and sundays … this is still the radio show where you’d get the best western music in town … and the very latest hits before any other station. and its 100% jordanian style :)

    - Evening and night: Mood FM and some of Radio Jordan’s evening shows (8-12 midnight).. mainly the Wednesday Metal Show with Laith Shankeetee and Zaid Dahabee .. Their job is just PERFECT! and i sometimes feel that they city is shaking because of their show (I do noticed it has a great rating and a very wide range of listeners among the 25-35 aged people).

    I do also like to listen to Dj Shadia’s 5th element, and the world chart show (when available) on Play 99.6.

    So its mainly Radio Jordan FM, and Mood FM (when RJ get lousy :P … and when im in the “Mood”!) on the 1st place.

    Age: 23.
    Residence: currently in Amman (but when i used to live in jerash my taste was exactly the same :P ).

  19. Massina Says:

    I used to listen to Mood FM, but as of late they stopped putting good music on. By the way, I’m younger than the average Mood listener, I’m Male/18. I just have a thing for older music. I do wish there was a Rock station though. Anyhow, I nearly stopped listening to radio ever since I got an MP3 player.

  20. hala Says:



  21. Hal Says:

    So, female, 25, (almost 26 but in denial), Amman – Tla Al Ali.

    I listen to Play a lot, and when I’m sick of a certain song on Play or not in the mood to listen to ads and announcements, I browse through the other channels looking for a song I’d like to listen to. I always end up returning to Play though because I prefer their DJs and attitude to the duller 96.3 and to Beat.

    Mood FM, admittedly, has great music as well. I listen to it when I’m in the mood – excuse the pun! I hate their grammatical errors though, makes me switch the channel believe it or not.

    For news and football matches (yes, football matches), Amman net is great. And BBC Arabic definately. Still, the majority of my radio time is Play – I am a fan of their live streaming.

    Ahmad, are you using this information for anything in particular?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I like Play 99.6, but sometimes it drives me nuts when I hear the same song like 20 times in one day, they play the same music all the time, it’s annoying. But i like their DJs.

  23. Abu 7amarneh Says:

    I used to like to Play FM… 25

  24. Elias Says:

    Mazaj and Rotana for Arabic are my favorites. I usually switch between these two stations, usually when speaking starts. I enjoy the surprise that comes with a song I haven’t heard for a while, or a song that I enjoy singing along with, and I usually hope nobody is watching me at these moments :)
    Mood is my favorite English station, especially in the late hours of night, while working, surfing, et.
    If any one wants to participate in a poll for Jordanian radios, you can find it at http://www.squidoo.com/radiojo (you can also include it in your blog if you want)

  25. Hussein Naser Says:

    I’m 35 years old.
    My best radio stations are BBC, Monte Carlo, and Sometimes Play, or Mood.
    Other Local radio stations needs ages to obtain maturity,,,
    They are really funny, it’s a big mess, for example some of them acquired experts from other Arab countries thinking they will own the experience but they couldn’t bought the values.
    Others just replicate some Lebanese stations just to make quick wealth maybe. But no one at all broadcast a valuable contest that satisfies the audience.
    Statistics firms who should be blamed for this mess.

  26. a-mok Says:

    Beat fm(kewl mixings), Mood fm(sometimes i need to spend that cozy peaceful night, it helps a lot), and Mazaj. BBC to stay updated with news here and in my native country Lebanon. cheers!

  27. mohammad Says:

    when I’m in the mood for a unique Arabic songs, Mazaj was the best , but now it became too commercial with lots of horrible ads and songs ( jaishana jaish al batal stuff) it’s better at night i guess.

    i switch a lot between play & mood FM. they’re really good.

    Amman-west & single, LOL.
    31 is very close :-)

  28. SomeOne Says:

    Well, i am only 24 years old, i think Mood FM is cool,
    still i think it would be gr8 if we can have dedicated radio stations.
    say like a rock station or something.

  29. nasimjo Says:

    reviewing others comments …

    Sid Vicious : RJ FM still have a rock show, a more dynamic than the old one, 8-12 midnight on wednesdays… they are thinking of extending it to 2 AM as well.

    Hal: Loool @ the football thingy,,, and yeah, AmmanNet’s Mohammad Qadree is the best in it! ever since he used to be on MBC FM Amman (when there was MBC FM in Amman that is :) )

    Anonymous: I thought i was the only one who finds the same bunch of songs all the time around on Play :P … they used to have a larger rate of redundancy, they made quite some changes in the collection in comparison with the station’s first days… a right move i guess!

  30. Wael Says:

    how about Hayat FM

  31. ali Says:

    I’m 22…living in amman..i listen to play alot ..all the time.. i find it the most amazing radio statin in jordan..
    the only day i switch from it to beatFM is Friday..when it’s time for DJ BEE BEE…damn he’s just awesome..I’m proud we have such jordanian talent..going to back to play99.6…i think they are really professional..amazing shows and specaily the fine morning show with lee mecgrath …amazing host and a amazing show..i can go on and on about PLAY99.6.but enough for now..so you people don’t say I’m obsessed with it or something..lol!
    p.s:mazajFM can be nice sometimes..depending on the mood.

  32. johnlondon Says:

    AHLEN FM 97.1 … they are making this broadcasting on the top level . Turn on your radio and just try one day … you will listen all the top lists , best top first and second DJ ‘s of the World , Ryan Seacrest and Rick Dees there , also they started the MTV programs . Also their Valentine promotion is so nice … i listened some songs before they announced for sale at USA market …. Are you still listen old songs….:) NO TALKS , ALL HITS ….

  33. Ramadan Says:

    Hayat FM 104.7 is my favorite. i guess this is because these guys are one of the best who take issues seriously and discuss them honestly

  34. Toronto Says:

    Radio means to me is Music so I like to listen only music and commercials kills me :) DJ’s talk as well. The funny thing for the DJ is sometimes I read some article from internet and hear the same thing from Radio stations mostly from play FM. I am 26 and listen to Monte Carlo and Ahlen FM

  35. Supreme Says:

    Ahlen FM :) I like no talk radios.

  36. Haneen Says:

    I’m 23, livin’ Zarqa. I used to listen to Amman.fm when i was younger(13-17). However, my favourite now is Hayat.fm.for many reasons; It tries to come out with the goodness that is hidden in everybody. It talks to the mind and listens to the heart. The working stuff discuss the social issues seroiusly and honestly, u can feel their eager to more developed and good life. And finally, they introduce Islam as a practical code of happy and simple life, without that over-conservative look that has been stuck to Muslims aggressively.
    I advose u all to listen, initially, to the first half hour(7:30-8:00AM) of the exciting program صوت حياة

  37. Maisa Says:

    Radio should be the voice of our culture, knowledge, and idea.
    So, that is Hayaat FM it’s really has good subjects and helpful one.

  38. Sewar Says:

    Mazaj, then Amman Radio, they have this program, Jordaniat, it’s so cool! I love it!

  39. romrom Says:

    all radio stations is the same..they all want us to have fun or liseten to a breaf news.
    i prefare Hayaat FM coz i can have fun and at the same time,learn wat we all need.. peace and loveing eachother
    28 femail

  40. yasmeen Says:

    i mostly listen to hayyat fm it is really thesound of our life i believe that if many of us try to listen many things in their lifewill better and theywillfind the solves of thier problem

  41. Lool Says:

    I see here everybody writes their radio station is better and most of the partisipants tried to act like they are the listeners. I assume they work for those radio stations or they have some relations with them :) Everybody can see/sense with objective eyes how funny these answers are.
    Mood fm has maybe 10 employees so 10 of them wrote
    so play, ahlen fm, hyatt fm loool who is this nasimjo by the way

  42. Alex Says:

    When am usually in Amman, i can say most of the time i listen to PLAY and Beat FM and both are good, some repetition is there during the day but its ok although i hate the Doctor G show its really stupid!!

  43. Hussam Says:

    Hayat 104.7 Fm is my number one station.. Whether you are a muslim or a christian & want to understand and live the beauty of islam.. Hayat Fm is for you. Programs range from breakfast shows to how to raise your children to tafseer to women shows. In other words what you need to live the best out of your life in this day and age.

  44. RUba Says:

    Definitely hayat Fm

  45. rami Says:

    I think Amman Net radio station is my favorites these days especially that at 12.15pm they interview a person called Mazen Irsheid who gives a daily report on Amman Stock Exchange. And since I invest some money in the stock market, I found the report so important to know how the market went that day. The guy is really smart too.

    I also listen to Mood at evening and someties to Play.

    keep it up.

  46. John Lyons Says:

    I got the vibes from the Watan FM discussions especially today about rescinding the rental law of 2000 to give right to Landlord to follow-contract and ask tenants to leave at end of contract period that moderator is not totally impartial and is more of a commentator. She cut off one phone call in which the caller was respectful and stating her reasons for favoring rescinding the law. I believe moderators do not choose sides nor censor those not agreeing with their position…whether I am on one side or the other or I am just studying the situation.

  47. Tamara Says:

    Mazaj for arabic and Mazaj for english

    22 Female :)
    yet i believe a poll is much more efficient ;)

  48. emotionangel Says:

    the best for me

  49. Ahmad Says:

    If you don’t like to listen to people talking, you can download all the songs you want from the net and listen to them, you don’t need to listen to the radio.

    I prefer interactive shows, and I normally listen to Play.

  50. Kathem Al Saher Says:

    Hi…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Saturday

  51. مواطن أردني اللون حوراني Says:

    أرجو من السيد محمد الوكيل أن يوقف الضحكات السمجة التي يصابحنا فيها كل يوم وعدم تكرار إسم إميليو لأنه إسم طنطات، وليس إسم أردني ، ومعظم الضحكات التي يصدرها الوكيل بدون سبب وما إلها أي معنى ومزعجة يعني هذا رأيي بصراحة مع الوكيل

  52. Bubba Says:

    too late to comment but, in no particular order:
    - Ahlein
    - Beat
    - Play
    - Mood
    - Radio Jordan (96.3)
    damn thats all there is.. good enough for this hell whole i guess

  53. duja BBOUSHI Says:

    Mood fm is the best i listen to it 24 houers a day they play the greatest songs of the 50′s 60′s 70′s i love it

  54. Ali Ahmad Says:

    My vavarite two Radio stations are Hayat FM 104.7 and Hebron FM 90.4 (If you life in Jordan West), they both have useful educational programs, I feel I always learn religious education from Hayat FM and general knowledge from Hebron FM, they both have the best stereo sound quality (Hebron 24h aday, Hyatt around 20 hours of the day) they seems to employ professional sound engineers and have the highest quality broadcasting equipment,

    I found the rest of stations a time waster, you end up listening mostly to music, they give you the impression, they are just one man show who plays song automatically on a PC to air sytem and go to work to earn their living, but lets give them a chance, they all new stations need experience, they need to learn and I hope the will reduces the songs and add more useful programs, I know making programs cost them money were songs makes them money (they get paid from song producers as Advertisements for new songs) but we need stations that educates us if they can’t afford to make that, I personally thing they should not be on air, I am not against songs, Hebron FM plays all kind of songs but the ratio between playing song to useful information is 25% to 75% unlike Mazaj, Play, Mood, Beat, Ahlayn and Algad you get 99% to 1%,

    Amman FM is good but most of programs are empty, Fann 75% to 25% not bad sound quality varies between good and excellent (inconsistent). there again if I am in my teens I might not be mature enough to understand the above so I might go for Mazag, Rotttan and Fann, finally based on the above analyses, Amen and Watan FM are my second choice, so wide choice covers all the classes of the Jordanian society from useless to sciences listeners which is not a bad idea.

    I am independent hope my criticizing help to improves station.

  55. LuLu Says:

    Heya geeks lol what the heck are u all doing here? i don’t know how i got to this website/page, i was supposed to look for something else and found myself here :O . Anyways im a female, 24, living in mecca street- Amman. My favourite radio station is beat fm and play 99, I always listen to them when I’m driving in my car, or in the kitchen they are always up to date and put the latest songs in the UK and US charts which is so cool. As to the people who have nothing else to do but listen to the radio GET A LIFE lol kidding.. you guys are so cool keep up the good work and have fun xxx

  56. sam Says:


  57. mesh3al elfayez Says:

    well… so many choices we have in Jordan… how many radio stations we have?? 20?30? lol it’s too much for a tiny country… but I’d say my favorites are (although all of ‘em r gr8.. almost :P ) play, beat, ahlein, fann, and mood… oh and melody :P
    why? because some of them have live streaming which allows u to listen to it while u r abroad and that’s so cool cuz u get all the news from jordan on the internet just by listening to the radi station’s live streaming..
    another reason is that u get weekly top 20 charts of all kinds of music which is hard to find elsewhere…
    and these radio stations have got their own identity.. original ones.. they don’t copy someone…

  58. Mohammed Says:

    Beat FM

  59. jenna Says:

    there is this new radio station 97.7 no that new but kinda its good but i am definately a beat fan play is nothing compared 2 them i actually think that play sux

  60. mouner nijmeh Says:


    hi , i wish we can be friends , drop us a visit there please.

    thank you.

  61. Ahmed A. Hasan Says:

    Beat FM

  62. Jordanian listener Says:

    Hey people ……..

    just try to tune to 96.3FM its gr8
    believe me……

    Radio Jordan is the best radio station in town

  63. Adrienne Says:

    I see this post started way before our radio station did… Jenna mentioned it above but we didn’t have an official name yet…. now we’ve come a long way!

    Check out Energy 97.7 FM…. we stream live as well at http://www.radioenergy.fm

    We have a couple great programs on as well… chat-style with hit music. Let us know what you think… and look for us on Facebook!

    You can hear me, Adrienne, and Yanal on the Morning Fix from 7am to 10 am.

    and –

    The ladies of the Lipstick Lunch, Jen, Nathalie and Lara from 12 noon to 3 pm.

    Catch ya’ on the airwaves!!!

    - Adrienne

  64. Diana Says:

    Play 99.6 is the best station out there. It is commited to bringing the latest and greatest to the people of Jordan and since its start, I think it’s been living up to that! I love the fact that they are so in tune to what happens in Jordan specifically Amman (becuase I live there) and they do alot of reporting on local events and issues. It’s important to know what happens in the community and aside from the great music, I really enjoy their constant updates!

    I also enjoy listening to Lee Mcgrath’s Breakfest Show in the mornings. It’s just what you need to get an energetic start in the mornings!

  65. firas Says:

    sawtelghad 101.5 fm

  66. abdelazez Says:

    to the all jordinan in jordan and outside of jordan radio fun is the best and al wakkeel the best and he is a hearo

  67. @n@$ Says:

    hey guys your like s0 damn b0ring )()( im a grade 10 yep im almost the smallest 1 here and your all -__- u know…..lol……………all radios are good and bad they have different things and activities s0o0o dont act that dum and start saying “the one the only radio” bye the way u can put all the songs u want on your mobile …………………u dont nEEd RAdIo$ f0r THAt……………….XD …………….i wuz searchin for somethin else and when i so this i read wat u all wrote or “what u all boring ppl say” ok and your kewl somehow c ya alll *******:Ojk

  68. Barry Deeming Says:

    I used to listen to Radio Jordan 96.3fm on the Internet but now it appears to have lost its way and although it is called the English channel it is now 30% French 30% Arabic 30% off air altogether and the remaining 10% English. Come back the old Radio Jordan with regular Sunday PM quizes and all the best music of the time…..all is forgiven.

  69. عاقل Says:

    مان الله يا محمد تخفف هالمهزلة كل يوم الصبح الواحد بكون رايح على شغلة بذكر ربة مش ببلش اليوم مسخرة من اولة انا ما بحكيلك بطل تضحك بس ايشة ومنة لانك والله بتضحك مرات مفش داعي تضكحك فيها

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