So, do you consider yourself rich or poor? Get an immediate answer!

Global Rich list

A while back we had a lively discussion about the ‘death of the Jordanian middle class’ (here and here). A lot was said about the definition of rich, poor and ‘middle class’..

So now, there is a a site called the Global Rich List, which can be used by everyone to see how rich, or poor, they really are. So go and give it a spin.

8 Responses to “So, do you consider yourself rich or poor? Get an immediate answer!”

  1. Nas Says:

    yeah, comparatively to the world I’m rich but the only relativism that ever matters is how wealthy one is in relation to the environment they exist in! i can’t buy apples in uganda or enough oranges to feed a village in angola.

    i buy my apples and oranges in jordan.

    where i’m always broke :-D

    (thanks for making me feel so great about my situation today ahmad!)

  2. amjad mahfouz Says:

    wow, I belong to the top 20% richest people in the world, ma2goool?
    :s anyway one must not stop at one point and should alway aim for a better life :)
    thx for the share

  3. Jad Says:

    You are the 842,886,023 richest person in the world!
    You’re in the TOP 14.04% richest people in the world!

    this is so encouraging heh

  4. Batir Wardam Says:

    It is the fact that there are so much poor people in India, China and most of Africa that makes folks like us listed in the top 15-20% category. I think this is another indicator of the miserable state of the 5 billion people who make less than 12,000 US $ per year.

  5. Moey Says:

    You are the 813,954,945 richest person in the world!
    You’re in the TOP 13.56%
    richest people in the world!

    I’m not rich :(

  6. bakkouz Says:

    I don’t know, considering the fact that the poverty line in Jordan is now officially 500 JD’s and the fact that I’ve been working at Jordan Phosphate mines Company, one of the largest Jordanian companies for 10 years now and my salary haven’t still yet reached the 400 JD mark, this website does not really make me feel that special :)

  7. Daly Says:

    = 1,264,434,798
    You are the 1,264,434,798richest person in the world! You’re in the TOP 21.07%
    richest people in the world!

    Wow that’s something! if the salary was only mine lol

  8. Michael Says:

    If you can walk to your fridge and find food in it, if you have clothes on your back,a roof over your head and a bed to sleep on, then you are richer than 75% of the world’s population today.

    so i am rich

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