Is there Islamophobia on Digg?

Yesterday I got the following message from a reader about alleged Islamophobia on Digg. I was reluctant to publish this because I don’t like to publish allegations without making sure they are based on some truth.

Yet, I am publishing the comment below as is, asking people out there if they ran into similar situations as my reader alleges.

Be warned: the story linked in the comment has a huge number of totally childish and sick comment and insults against Islam and the prophet. In my opinion it is even worth answering such racist people who just talk garbage.

The most serious allegation is that Digg has a double standard: when insulting Islam it ok, but when someone defend the religion or someone criticizes Israel Digg revokes the accounts of those commenters.

Here is the comment I received:

Sorry for the offtopic but is anybody interested in this?

Investigating’s double standard towards Islamophobia on it’s forums

If you didn’t know is a declining science and technology news site that switched to a politics format to remain relevent. It claims to be a democracy where it’s users choose what news articles and forum comments its millions of of young readers will see.

The problem is it has become a “democratic” mob rule, bastion of hate towards Muslims, even incitements to violence against Muslims are widespread and accepted. And only profits off the increased visitors it gets from a recent collaboration with infamous Islamophobia site

The double standard is this, any criticism of Israeli apartheid or defense of Islam will get a user’s account deleted by Digg’s operators that actually pull all the strings behind digg’s so called democracy. I have lost several accounts in responding to mobs of Islamophobic members calling for pogroms against Muslims.

Digg’s democracy is a fraud, the site admin do regulate the content, but they choose to foster a hostile atmosphere of Islamophobia.

An example of a recent message seen by millions of youths on

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2 Responses to “Is there Islamophobia on Digg?”

  1. Inbal Says:

    I didn’t read the link (Digg’s comment sections are too chaotic as it is), but the comment is written in such an obvious childish manner, that I can’t see how the author expects to be taken seriously.
    “...declining science and technology news site…”, “...switched to a politics format to remain relevent…”, “...young readers…”, “...bastion of hate towards Muslims…”, “...Israeli apartheid…”, “...actually pull all the strings behind digg’s so called democracy…”. How can anybody be so pathetic in the attempt to discredit the users of an entire website?

  2. Mariam Ayyash Says:

    well inbal, ur answer is as much childish as the comment above, i dont see the difference, but anyway, there is a fact that cannot be denied, diggers and comments on diggs are generally offensive to Islam, but they get digged down so they stop appearing after a while…

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