Mixed-sex boxing in Jordan. Shame! Shame!

Where is the respect for values among today’s youth? Is it not a shame that ‘some’ in our society are willing to act in this disrespectful manner.

I have obtained the video above of two so-called Jordanian designers, a young man and a young woman, BOXING EACH OTHER at a party.

The people around them where even cheering them on, instead of calling the police!

Shame! Shame!

UPDATE: The reactions to this post have been very ‘interesting’. I apparently scared some people :) LOL.

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13 Responses to “Mixed-sex boxing in Jordan. Shame! Shame!”

  1. Rami Says:

    HUH they are playing a sony play station 2 game and using the camera, no one is boxing the other!!

  2. Dave Says:

    Yeah, that Nintendo Wii has a negative effect on inter-gender relationships.

  3. Mariam Ayyash Says:

    hehe, okay, ur joking right? im lost, ur tone is darn too serious man u scare me sometimes!

  4. Nart Says:

    You know what the problem really lays; it lays in two issues; NO privacy, and our damned closed stupid society that everything is considered a shame… Why can’t people do whatever they want, where’s the problem of having fun that is not abusing the moral borders? Why we should live a boring life afterall..
    This is my opinion!

  5. Mazz Says:

    Hey you guys! can i come over some day? i have a boxing background from my university days! i’d like to see you try that with me!
    good fun

  6. Life Says:

    Nice try! :)

  7. Hussein Says:

    i saw some similar case, a mixed-sex playing tennis in front of public, and in a very awful way!!

    i’m wondering what the next days and years carrying for us!

  8. Firas Says:

    Mariam, oh he’s dead serious!

    Ahmad supports honor crimes,wife beating and locking women at home,and God bless me, so do I!

    Anyways, look at the bright side, if you loose, you could still finish them, and I mean FINISH them….Man I would not hesitate throwing the Wii remote at them, actually you could strangle them with the cord, but wouldn’t go that far.

    Yeah, too shame!

  9. 7aki Fadi Says:

    Firas: HA HA HA HA , you are funny.

  10. Mariam Ayyash Says:

    but woman usually WIN! thats why they never went back to mars! i figure you find it shameful that she won this battle too :D

    but Ahmad, Nart took it real serious, so i was right about being scared!!

  11. Nart Says:

    To tell the truth I have NOT seen the previous comments that were posted; so, my comment looks like a bit silly! I took it for real.. so Mariam, yep; some did get scared while others got anger! Different shapes of reaction.
    Don’t take it too serious and just skip wut I’ve written!!

  12. Humeid Says:


    It all cool. And I admire what you wrote anyway.


  13. Massina Says:

    I want a Wii. :(

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