Are you an innovative business writer? It’s time to join the revolution!

Are you a business writer who is just sick of re-hashing press releases?
Do you want to be part of an innovative publishing experiment in the Arab Middle East?
Do you love to write about startups, business innovation, entrepreneurship and new business ideas?

This might be your chance..

I am involved in an exciting new Arab publishing venture that will be launched in the coming few weeks and we need writers who want to wrote about business unusual, uncover the stories of real Arab entrepreneurs and connect Arabia to the global business revolution, driven by ideas and technology.

No, this is NOT another big budget glossy business magazine that will feature the usual suspects on its cover.

And no, this venture does not have endless amounts of money to pay its writers. It’s a startup too!

But what it has is a passionate belief that business can be a positive force of change in the Arab world and that it is time for real entrepreneurs to find their voice in a region that has, for too long, been dominated by stagnant business thinking and uncreative business models.

This venture is looking mainly for writers in Arabic. Bilingual writers are preferred. Writers in English are also welcome.

Sounds interesting. Drop me an email at ahmad.humeid{at}

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One Response to “Are you an innovative business writer? It’s time to join the revolution!”

  1. NOX magazine Says:

    Good luck with that Ahmad….!

    I hope you’re able to find that blend of talent, hunger, insight – without salary demands more in keeping with Swiss merchant bankers.

    NOX is continuously impressed and inspired by Syntax’s innovation, quality and integrity. The only sad part is how few media companies in Jordan have bothered to learn from your example.

    Us included….


    PS. After out bitter HR experiences, we’re thinking of convening a seminar: “Media Jordan: why publishing is a career, not a pre-marital hobby”. Or maybe: “Hashemite Magazines: your job can more than killing time between manicures!”

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