Steorn buzz: “free energy” company to make a “Friday 13th” announcement tomorrow fence
Yes, believe it or not I am still following the story of Steorn. For newcomers to 360east just click here to read all I wrote over the past months about the Irish company that claims to have invented a magnet based technology that generates energy out of nothing.

Tomorrow, “Friday the 13th” of April, 2007, Steorn will be making some sort of announcement regarding the progress of the jury of 12 scientists who are now testing the company’s claims. Engadget posted a story about the upcoming announcement and the buzz around the Steorn story has increased again.

From time to time I check out what’s happening on the Steorn forum, which has quieted down a bit lately because many of the active members of the forum have been migrated to the so-called Steorn Developers Club, a private forum that requires signing an NDA with Steorn and where, supposedly technical discussions are taking place between the Steorn enthusiasts and Steorn engineers.

Today, I found the amazing illustration (above) which was created by one of the forum’s members which visualizes the divide between “believers”, “non-believers” and fence sitters. With the lack of any “evidence” from Steorn it really boils down to a matter of belief.

Although I did not register in the forum, I consider myself a fence-sitter, maybe tending more to be a believer.

I am discounting the possibility that this is a scam. It is just too public and the Steorn people just seem too straightforward and open. The only other possibility (other than them really having the technology) is that this is one of the biggest social experiments ever, with the aim of drawing people attention to energy and sustainability issues.

Let’s see what Friday the 13th brings.

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