Vote for Petra? Why not “Humeid’s Really New Seven Wonders of the World”?

OK. Before I start another debate of national or even global proportions on patriotism, culture, heritage etc etc, let me say I’m cool with anyone who wants to vote for Petra as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Go ahead and vote..

My goodness, this vote for Petra issue really stirred up some debate! I’ve been too busy at work for the past few months and have not been following up on the local blogosphere. But just look at the 35 comments that Khalida’s post about the subject generated. Even the P word was used (Patriotic) and the J word (I am more Jordanian than you).

Some months ago, I heard that this New Seven Wonders of the World was a commercial enterprise. It’s clearly not the UNSECO doing this, right?

Today I checked out the official NSWW site and also read the Wikipedia entry on the matter. Now I know: vote for Petra (or whatever other wonder you like) and make a certain Mr. Bernard Weber of Switzerland some money (maybe a lot of money if you consider the frenzy this contest has created).

The whole thing is a pretty clever business idea. And despite the presence of a former UNESCO head in Mr. Webers organization and their pledge to use half of the proceeds for heritage oriented work, the for-profit nature of this vote just leaves a bit of bad taste in my mouth.

Then again, aren’t the FIFA World Cup and even the Olympics commercial enterprises?

But you can’t but admire the cleverness of the idea. Human beings just LOVE contests. Throw in national pride and some evocative monuments. Announce the New Seven Wonders on 7.7.’07. The result: a global PR success.

How else can you explain that I was asked to vote for Petra with my McDonalds meal the other day.

And now there is also an official song by a UK band called The Dolmen:

We’ve built on the land
With blood, sweat and tears
Long after we’re gone
They will still be here
Stars of our life standing strong

New 7 Wonders of the WorldWonders of Man
New 7 Wonders of the World


So all this talk of seven wonders got me thinking. Why not start another contest. So here and now I announce to you:

Humeid’s Really New Seven Wonders of the World (HRNSWW)

Let me start with one of my favourite quotes, by Winston Churchill:

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind”

The Really New Wonders of the world are not monuments of stone..

They are the inventions that define our life today.

I am not a former UNESCO employee. Nor do I have an official song for my contest (but I accept your submissions in MP3 format). I also do not intend to make any money from this contest (yet donations are welcome).

But here I announce the 14 nominations for the Humeid’s Really New Seven Wonders of the World:

Choose your favourite of Humeid's Really New Seven Wonders of the World:
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let the games begin..

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15 Responses to “Vote for Petra? Why not “Humeid’s Really New Seven Wonders of the World”?”

  1. adel Says:

    I chose Microprocessors/Computers, which is the closest to my favorite wonder aka “PNP Transistor”.

    Maybe we need to shift into our new undisputed wonder “The largest Mansaf ever made”. I think we’re gonna score higher here.

  2. Dave Says:

    I voted for Toilet Paper for no real reason. I think it just caught my eye first.

  3. Pheras Hilal Says:

    Thank you. The fact that we are celebrating something, that technically doesn’t really belong to us is sad. (because we didn’t have anything to do with it, it just so happens to be on our land). People didn’t really stop to think, “Ok, so if we win the contest, what happens next?”

    I for one, will be slightly disappointed, because this means that we would expect more tourists, therefore more traffic, and well, taxi drivers would always want to give tourists a ride to Petra and Dead Sea, because the fares are higher. Meaning that my hailing-a-cab saga will yet continue, if not become worse!

    This means that perhaps we could forget about trying to take a short break to Petra, Jerash and Dead Sea, because these destinations will be flooded with tourists, and just watch hotel rates skyrocketing.

    This might probably even lead to yet another hike in inflation, given the fact that you will mysteriously find that Falafel sandwiches will cost JD1, and that a bottle of water would cost JD0.500. And you know what? Perhaps the day that we win the contest would become a national holiday, because half of the population will be out in the middle of the night, driving and honking their cars in joy. Causing more losses to businesses.

    Ok, I realize I got a little off track here with my imagination, but really. As a Jordanian, what good will this contest do me? That we have an 8th world wonder? Will that solve poverty? Unemployment? Will that give us better schools, and a better transit network? I very much doubt that.

    Having said all that, this was a good experiment to prove that Jordanians are in fact gullible enough to fall for such PR stunts. At least it gives us hope that marketing does work after all in Jordan!

  4. Sid Vicious Says:

    almost everything on the list wouldn’t exist without Electricity

  5. tas Says:

    without electricity…. all the rest would be worthless/non existing

  6. Imad Says:

    i think air conditioning should be up there

  7. Ammar Ibrahim Says:

    This is why I didn’t vote for Petra. I find it silly, and so unfair to announce the new seven wonders based on votes. And you actually PAY to vote. The next thing would be a competition (a la American Idol) to vote for the country to be bombed next by USA.

    You might think I’m over reacting, but it’s so stupid what this world has become.

  8. Mariam Ayyash Says:

    Pheras man, ya rab petra loses :s :s :s

    I vote for the internet, its what made this voting possible, what a miracle! :)

  9. M.jamal abd Alwahab Al abwee Says:

    If any one can;t feel about him self , he will not vote to Petra.
    But if he feel him self he will vote to Petra.Because he vote for the truth of this world .Ihope ppl still strong enough to vote for ur petra.
    thank you .

  10. Lina Says:

    Thank you Ahmad :)

  11. Zaid Says:

    feras, if Petra wins that means alot to jordan u know y? cuz the new vision of jordan is to place it self among developed countries as one of the most prosper country in the area to do so, we need to have as much Recognitionas as we can. Petra being one of the NSW i think would grant us such recognition. And man, when you travel around and introduce your self to others as jordaninan at least you will have something to talk about…Vote for Petra

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    [...] Come on! It’s you last chance now.. On 7/7/07 the results will be announced. Go and vote for your favorite invention and decide which will be “Humeid’s Really New Seven Wonders of the World”? [...]

  13. Mariam Ayyash Says:

    zaid, i think it takes much more than voting for petra to be placed as a developed country! personally i dont care if the world recognizes us at this stage, we really got a lot in our hands to worry about

  14. zarwat Says:

    Petra First, Jordan first

  15. Hussein Says:

    the Camera of course..

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