Karwa, my “favorite” brand in Qatar


“Wait or call”: guidance or a “threat”? :) (In 42 degree Celsius heat!)


“You say “Emiri Diwan”. I don’t know where that is! But I know where ‘Diwan Emiri’ is!!”



7 Responses to “Karwa, my “favorite” brand in Qatar”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Fords and Mercedes for taxis…they have the luxury to buy those cars but not to address the demand with enough quantities…see that is an uninformed market

  2. Roba Says:

    Ahmad not in jeans!

  3. Hussein Says:

    Ahmad!! are you kidding!!? you have a jacket on your hand!! wow..

  4. Iyad Says:

    Once more, I learn (from your posts) a little too late that you were in Doha.
    I have been in Doha for about thee years, just like you perfectly put it… another variation on the Theme: Confused Arabia :-)
    I hope you had a peaceful and productive business trip.
    It is a crazy place indeed. another Dubai-wanna-be.
    A small hint that might become handy: due to insufficient number of Taxis in the streets (they would be elswhere crowded in long queues at malls), and due to inflation-related economic strains on a large sector of people, a lot of expats are willing to give you a ride for a reasonable fare; and in their private cars that is. So next time just get the
    AAA approved ACME HITCHHIKER THUMB—- http://home.nc.rr.com/tuco/looney/acme/hitch.html—-
    and try it out :-)
    One more piece of advice, only jump into the cars you have stopped, if it wasn’t your initiative, just ignore the invitation – unless ofcourse you are the adventurous type or very good at negotiation!! :-D

    Iyad H

  5. Sid Vicious Says:

    cool, but that is the ugliest paint job I’ve ever seen.

  6. Hussein Says:

    sandra: its Toyota Camry, Honda Stream, Å koda Superb and Ford (Mondeo i guess). there is no Mercedes!

  7. Ammar Ibrahim Says:

    OMG, you’re wearing semi formal clothes!

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