Ikbis pioneers online video advertising in the Arab market, with Coca Cola

ikbis.com video advertising

Ikbis.com has recently started one of the first (if not THE first) Arab online video ad campaigns ever.

The campaign, for Coca Cola, features the new Nancy Ajram commercial in two formats: a very short version that runs in the video player and the full version on the Ikbis.com home page.

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12 Responses to “Ikbis pioneers online video advertising in the Arab market, with Coca Cola”

  1. Adel Says:

    Good for Ikbis. Bad for Ikbis users. Waste of money for Coca-Cola.

  2. Humeid Says:

    Thanks for the comment Adel.

    I disagree with you on the ‘waste of money’ idea. Audiences are moving online and a company like Coca Cola is following. Companies like Coke always maintain a presence in the media.

    As for the format and wether it is bad for the users or not, well, we are still experimenting with this. Other forms of advertising with video will be developed.

  3. Sid Vicious Says:

    how is it bad for ikbes users? don’t wanna see it? then don’t click!

    Humeid, saw something I think you’ll like, by an Italian internet consulting company, click my name.

  4. Adel Says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I DO believe in online advertising especially because of the very high selectivity and interactive capabilities. But what’s the use of an ad if it’s NOT informative and NOT persuasive.. to remind us that Coca Cola still exists?! Does anyone (just one) wanna switch to Coke after watching their ad? Guess not!

  5. Ammar Ibrahim Says:

    Al Bawaba Music (music.albawaba.com), AMEinfo and others have been running video ads for the past 3 years for clients like: Nokia, Emirates, P&G, Sony Ericsson and others.

  6. Sid Vicious Says:

    Adel, yeah dude, that IS the goal of all these ads by Pepsi & Coke (or one of the goals), they’re telling you “We’re here and we ain’t going nowhere” If they stopped advertising they’ll open the door for a 3rd competitor to enter the market, maybe even a 4th and a 5th.

    They have to stay on your mind, all the time, that’s how this business works, unlike others where they advertise to give you info or the like, Coke/Pepsi advertise to preserve their marketshare, make it harder on each other, and on anyone else thinking about entering the market.

  7. Zeid Nasser Says:


    I will feature this on both AdBlogArabia and mediaME tomorrow.

  8. Pheras Hilal Says:

    Awwww! It’s great to say that your brainchild is taking off! I hope your success with online start-ups becomes contagious!

    I disagree with Adel. Yes, advertisements are made to remind you that a certain company exists. That’s why they are so repetitive, so that your subconscious absorbs it, and the next time you go to a supermarket, see the coke fridge, you remember Nancy Ajram, and head for the coke instead of Pepsi.

    Plus, they are currently positioning coke as the taste of “good life”, so that when you are in a good mood, or want to be in a good mood, you uncontrollably head to reach out for a can of coke.

    Ok, some people (like myself) put some sort of block against repetitive ads, but advertisers say: The best client is an insecure one. So there are a lot of people that would fall for that trick.

  9. Ahmad Says:

    It’s not the first, and of course not THE first :D

    And it’s bad idea, the last thing I wanna see is an AD in online video, I’m already sick of ADs on TV…

    YouTube is my choice in this case.


  10. Sid Vicious Says:

    YouTube’s got ads too u know

  11. Over-used, over-exposed! : to whom it may not concern … Says:

    [...] It’s not just that … she’s anywhere I go … no no, she’s everywhere anyone goes: on soda bottles, in grocery stores, on the road, in our living rooms with all her songs, switch to a movie channel and I guarantee you she’ll pop up in a commercial break, she’s there right before any movie begins in the theaters, she’s in the newspapers, in the magazines, in Arabic, in English and of course … ON THE NET! Recently, Ikbis, the first photo and video sharing service in the Arab World, has been featuring a 10-second ad before you play any video on their website for none but the great NANCY AJRAM! AAARGH! [...]

  12. Ahmed S Says:

    from where shi got her t-shirt in this advertisment???

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