A delight to watch: Apple iPhone 25 minute tour







Apple today posted a 25 minute guided video tour of the iPhone. A delightful piece of marketing.

Simple. To the point. No effects. Just like the ads. I really like the little touches in the different titles of this video which mimic the phone’s now famous interface gestures like double tapping, swiping and pinching.

The hype surrounding the June 29th release of the iPhone is already deafening. This video tour will just confirm to many people that they would love to have this product.

I personally think that the iPhone will really revolutionize mobile phones. Judging from this video, it becomes even more obvious that the iPhone will put the user interfaces other phones to shame.

It is truly amazing how other companies have just let Apple occupy the territory of good user interface design. That’s not to say others have not been trying. But the clunkiness and the sheer negligence of good interface design in many quarters of the phone industry now seems stunning.

Keep in mind: this is SOFTWARE innovation. The lesson for innovators worldwide is: software design is a huge aspect of innovation today. The manufacturing of a device like the iPhone is happening in the Far East. But it is the design that makes it different.

Of course, something the like the multi-touch screen of the iPhone is a hardware innovation too. But its integration with the software experience is what counts.

Software innovation and design innovation do not need research labs with sophisticated equipment or silicon fabrication machines. Just creativity. I hope designers in our part of the world start understanding this.

9 Responses to “A delight to watch: Apple iPhone 25 minute tour”

  1. Moey Says:

    I loved the video, anyways.. you could delete this part of the comment: thanks for supporting aziz :)

  2. Avi Says:

    I SOOO want one!

  3. Hussein Says:

    thank you ahmad for this great preview, actually no need to read what apple wrote about it ;)

  4. Hussein Says:

    a nice title here:

    Apple iPhone the most anticipated phone since Alexander Graham Bell’s!

    read it:


  5. 7aki fadi Says:

    Loved the video … good post, thanks!

  6. The Observer Says:

    Love it! I want one :)

  7. kinzi Says:

    Ahmad, I tagged you…heh-heh, can you break out of tech-mode and write a post for newlywed bloggers how to build a great marriage? ;)

  8. O.Humeid Says:

    I agree, end2end approach and the unique simple design what makes it different, by the way, some bloggers call it the jphone now, the jesus phone, or the second coming, its the most anticipated gadget in the human history on planet earth, and for apple they are making a really huge bet on it, success will really boost their other boats, this is extremely amazing, a product was never tested or touched and already has a huge impact. plus the mind share, friday of this week will be a turning point in gadgets history and a new phase for Apple inc

    Osama Humeid

  9. iPhones Suck Says:

    iPhones truly suck.. what a waste..

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