iPhone in the stores today

Dear online diary:

Today the iPhone will be launched. Apple home page looked like this for the occasion:

Apple iPhone home

Nothing on the page but the iPhone.

6 Responses to “iPhone in the stores today”

  1. mustapha Says:

    mouth watering.. :p

  2. 3mr (3 means A!) Says:

    ironically, it needs to be re-designed to work in the middle east :)

    hard luck for you guys who live in MENA and want this phone badly :P

  3. isystem apple center Says:

    say hello to iphone in isystem apple center ..

  4. Sammi Says:

    i would never buy the new iPhone,i really wouldnt,so thats why i bought the new N95,much easier to operate
    the iPhone just seems too complicated,you know,the touch screen and all that,im already having problems with my PDA,how do you think i’ll go with the iPhone LOL

  5. lanchael Says:

    we think that this new iphone is amazing. it is the best phone out ever! and we have so fallin in love with it.

  6. Anounymous Says:

    I was just wondering, How much does the iphone cost in jordan? When do you think the 3G will be out? And if u r going to buy the iphone from a different country what adjustements do u have to do?

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