iPhone dismembered (not for the faint at heart)

Apple iPhone taken apart

The crazy folks at ThinK Secret, have bought an iPhone and taken it totally apart, JUST FOR FUN.

They say the innards reveal a very high quality build that leaves nothing to chance. If you need parts for a broken iPhone, now you know who to call!

Actually, you probably should also check out iFixIt.com, who also took an iPhone apart, but with more skill, it seems..

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3 Responses to “iPhone dismembered (not for the faint at heart)”

  1. Fouad Masoud Says:

    those ppl are crazy.
    trust me they need a hobby.

  2. james harris Says:

    Hi my name is James Harris i am working on the at@tphoneshow I was wondering if anyone had a broken iphone?

  3. Caliluve Says:

    I have a broken 8gb iphone.

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