Steorn to show free energy device July 5th?

Kinetica Steorn Orbo

My continued follow up on the Steorn ‘free energy’ story over the past 11 months has been one of the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. There has not been any significant news over the past few months and even the discussion forum on Steorn’s site has mostly died out, mainly because all the interesting people have moved to a more private development club (that is protected by non disclosure agreements).

But now, things are heating up again. Steorn followers have known, for a while, that a demo of their free energy Orbo device will be held in July. Well, July is here and rumors on the web say that the demo will be held in 2 days, July 5th, 2007, at the Kinetica Museum in London.

People who believe that this whole Steorn thing is just a hoax are already dismissing the coming demo as just part of the scam.

According to the rumors, the demo will be viewable via a web cam around the hour till July the 13th. The device will be spinning ‘endlessly’ inside a display case of glass.

In the meantime, the jury of scientists chosen by Steorn is supposedly validating the technology. But nothing is leaking to the outside world about the progress of that process.

To their credit, Steorn have already set the expectations of everyone by saying that this validation process will take a long time. But in a world where we are used to new stuff coming out everyday, waiting for months for scientists to validate a technology that promises to solve the world’s problems is just frustrating.

As I have said repeatedly on this blog, one reason I am still watching this is to understand how the media reacts to this story. It will be interesting to see what the mainstream media will do in the next couple of days. Will it ignore the Kinetica demo, or will we see a lot of press and TV coverage.

Steorn has made it onto the pages of the Guardian and attracted the attention of FOX News before. But the BBC, for example, has totally ignored the story. Someone claiming the 2nd discovery of fire is just too hot to handle for most media outlets. No one wants to look dumb if the thing turns out to be a big social experiment (or a gross measurement error).

Personally, I am still sitting on the fence. In my heart I hope that Steorn really have discovered Fire 2.0, but my mind still tells me that free energy just sounds too good to be true.

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4 Responses to “Steorn to show free energy device July 5th?”

  1. Paul Story Says:

    You’ve hit the nail. We are so used to getting a quick fix that this extended wait is excruciating. Media attention will probably come down to the quality of the demo. It does not have to prove anything to be compelling and to fire interest beyond the geek-zone, but neither should it be underwhelming (I hope). It’s difficult to believe that Steorn would have gone to all this trouble for a damp squid.

    We are on different parts of the ‘belief’ spectrum, but otherwise I agree.

  2. Mark Goldes Says:

    We are a friendly competitor, developing technology that may be converting the same, previously uncommercialized, energy source as Steorn.

    Our Magnetic Power Modules™ include generators without moving parts as well as rotary devices.

    Hans Coler, a German inventor, demonstrated a small, solid-state magnetic generator to University Professors in 1926. As happened a few years ago with Steorn, they agreed it worked as he claimed, but did not wish their names to be publicized.

    Coler showed a 6 kW solid-state magnetic generator in 1937. His work was afterwards supported by the German Admiralty. The Allies bombed his laboratory late in World War II.

    He later cooperated with British Intelligence, which published a Report in 1946. It was originally classified. However, in 1979, 34 pages were declassified. They can readily be found on the internet.

    Scientists believe that averting large number of deaths, due to climate change, requires a drastic reduction in the use of fossil fuels in less than ten years.

    Only new technology, such as Steorn and ourselves and others in several countries are developing, offers hope of achieving such a rapid change.

    As an interesting result of the changes involved, cars are likely to become power plants, selling electricity to the grid while parked. Car owners will discover a new source of income!

  3. Thomas Buyea Says:

    In a glass case ?
    So how do we know they are not beaming microwaves to it or out of visible light spectrum lazers to it to power it ???

  4. Humeid Says:

    It’s interesting that I got the three comments above.. Mark Goldes is a well known in the free energy arena and Paul Story is a believer in Steorn who’s chronicling the Steoorn story on his blog

    Obviously a number of people, me included, are running technorati blog searches on Steorn and are seeing each others posts. Hence the cross commenting activity.

    Early on, when I started blogging about the Steorn story, started appearing in Google searches. If you search for Steorn and Magnets in Google, 360east will appear in the first pages of results. This is quite amazing given how many people are writing/blogging about this..

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