Brilliant Hajjaj cartoon about the current water pollution crisis

As the water pollution crisis in the north of Jordan keeps making headlines (over 750 people have already been befallen by diarrhea in the Manshiat Bani Hassan area), Hajjaj’s cartoon in Al-Ghad resembled an info-graphic published in the paper yesterday, which depicted some of the microbes that cause water pollution.

Hajjaj reveals the real culprits. I will try to translate.

Title: The most important microbes that cause water pollution.

(from left to right)



(notice they all of the organisms have mustaches.. LOL)

5 Responses to “Brilliant Hajjaj cartoon about the current water pollution crisis”

  1. Najeeb Says:

    Yaa saw that today
    super brilliant
    loved it

  2. Torsten Says:

    Woow I was surpised by the politic level of his criticism. Is it often that you find such cartoons in jordan papers?
    As a German I don’t know much on Jordan or it’s media, just thought it would be pretty much state controlled.

  3. Ammar Ibrahim Says:


  4. wesam Says:

    lol.. 100% accurate!!

  5. Yousef Says:

    Straight to the point with it!

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