Got hit by the damn blog spammers!

This is crazy. This blog got hit hard by blog comment spammers. Every message now has 8 fake comments pointing to an online casino site. This is disgusting. I just activated moderation for the comments so that this stupid spam doesn’t get published. I will have to clean the site soon. Just had a look on WordPress’s site and checked their support page on how to protect the site from this stupidity.

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4 Responses to “Got hit by the damn blog spammers!”

  1. Ammar Ibrahim Says:

    I got hit really hard, Best thing i did is used some filteration on the comments. And now I hardly get any spam. Here’s the I used list of ‘bad words’ if you are interested, just go to Options->Discussion and add the following:
    online casino
    Video Poker

  2. Isam Bayazidi Says:

    I suffered from the same problem last week… suggestions: – include some of the spam words, such as casino, online poker, and so in the “Comment Moderation” section under Options > Discussion. – There is a Plugin for Wordpess to auto-shutoff comments on posts after X number of days .. what are the chances that you get a comment on a post that is 3 months or a year old . Check it out – one last thing, make sure that you limit the number of links allowed in posts to no more than 3..
    Good luck fighting spam

  3. reparacion ordenadores antivirus Says:

    Three rules for the spam game:

    1) you can not win.
    2) you can not draw.
    3) you can not leave the play.


    Antonio, from Malaga (Spain)

  4. Janti Says:

    Tell me about it.

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