Jordanian criminals feel so safe that they leave their phone numbers at site of crime!

fence your farm ad
Wherever you go in Amman.. this sprayed on commercial “ad” greets you. This entrepreneur specializes in “fencing farms”, but his commercial message rivals those by multinational brands on the walls of the city.

If this were political or social graffiti I would not bother to write about this.

But this is a damn ad!

And this person has the audacity to announce his phone number on people’s walls everywhere.

A friend of mine is really angry about this. A wicked idea crossed his mind: call this guy, claiming he has a farm in need of fencing in Mahes or something, then have a bunch of bullies wait for him and beat him up.

OK, we don’t endorse taking the law into our own hands on this blog do we. So ignore that idea.

But I do suggest complaining to the municipality or the police about this stupid phenomena.

(photo by: Dalia el Farra)

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6 Responses to “Jordanian criminals feel so safe that they leave their phone numbers at site of crime!”

  1. Mohanned Says:

    I twice your friend word :)

  2. Dalia Says:

    LOL! I agree!

    What’s even funnier is the ‘battle of the advertisers’ we see in these cases; where a ‘competitor’ sees this ad, ‘vandalizes’ it, and replaces the old number with his number!

    Only in Jordan!!

  3. Khawaja M. Says:

    I have to thank you friend with guy of the fencing ads … it is really killing!

  4. Yousef Says:

    well, the bigger problem about this guy; he is doning it all over the Kingdome. i’ve seen this number in Ma’an,Irbid,Madaba and Azraq. and it seems that he isn’t stopping. and it gets worse when people try to spry over it; what an image.
    thank you for bringing this up, hope someone get it stopped!

  5. Hani Obaid Says:

    Actually I notieced now that there seems to be a second number different than the first one popping up. The amaneh should fine him 10JD for each one of them and make him clean it up.

  6. Ehab Says:

    I wonder what would happen when this guy’s no. gets disconnected

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