iPod goes classic. Nano gets video. Touch this one..

Apple iPod Touch and Classic

Apple today updated their iPod line in a dramatic manner. The most important addition is the iPod touch with is an iPhone minus a phone! Apple also launched a Wifi Music Store that enable users to purchase songs (only songs, no videos) directly from the iPod touch.

And while the Nano now also plays video, the ‘normal’ iPod now is named Classic.

Ah yes.. and the iPhone’s price is coming down. Yippeee..

Read all about it here.

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5 Responses to “iPod goes classic. Nano gets video. Touch this one..”

  1. Hussein Says:

    nice short review ahmad..

  2. Moey Says:

    they’re just amazing, I posted about the nanos too.. i think the nano is more handy

  3. Dave Says:

    I really like the concept of the iPod Touch, especially since I’m currently not in the market for the phone features (especially since Jordan can’t support most of them). However the 16GB (maximum) storage space has me feeling sour. My music collection alone is several times larger than 16GB so how do they expect me to crap in video as well?

    Looks like I’ll be waiting until they beef up the capacity.

  4. Sid Vicious Says:

    iPods, awesome. That nano looks so neat. And 160GB, man that’s exactly what I want, cool.

    iPhone, not very impressive.

    check out the backlash from people who bought the 4GB iPod (which is now canceled) and the 8GB one (which is now $200 cheaper). Steve’s given them $100 in credit at Apple Store but it’s still a rip-off if you ask me.

  5. Chris Hutcherson Says:

    Nano 4 is too light thin for me, I will easily lose or break this. Anyone agree ?

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