Where is the boss? It’s ‘The Office’ with a Jordanian twist!

This is hilarious stuff..

‘Where is the Boss‘, another ATV show, switches the bosses of a travel agency and a software company. Oh my god!

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5 Responses to “Where is the boss? It’s ‘The Office’ with a Jordanian twist!”

  1. bambam Says:

    hmm interesting to say the least how one focused on actually doing some business changes while the other was stuck on the smoking policy and uniform
    GREAT !

  2. Nas Says:

    ahmad, i think you mean “boss swap” and not “the office”. the former is another boring reality show and the latter is a originally a British sitcom, the brilliance of which we will never see done in the arab world.


  3. Hus Says:


    I believe this is a jordanian version of “Boss Swap”, not “The Office” (at least that is how they state it).


  4. Ahmed Qandil Says:

    Actually, Atv now is closing and they gave their employees Ramadan month as paid vacation. i think also that there are negotiation regarding selling the whole project. it is really sad to close such channel because it was a real example for the improvement of Jordanian media.

  5. ArabianMonkey Says:

    Read details of the ATV saga and some anonymous feedback:


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