Samsung on a “crusade” to kill the iPhone

SGH-F700 Samsung Croix

Behold the Samsung Croix (Croix is French for cross).

It almost looks like an iPhone. It has a touch screen. It has a nifty (Flash based?) interface that already has won the iF Design Award. The camera is a 3 MP (or even 5 MP). It has a MicroSD expansion slot. It is 3G and it even has a large, slide out QWERTY Keyboard.

It will be released in the UK with Vodafone in October.

Problem is: there is nowhere on the web where this device is being demoed!

Samsung seem to have learned some lessons from Apple: The name of this phone is no longer “SGH-F700” but simply “Croix” (let’s hope so at least). But they definitely don’t have a Steve Jobs, to demo the device to millions of willing buyers.

Samsung have elevated their brand to new heights over the past decade, but they still can’t play in Apple’s league. (Is there anyone who can play in Apple’s league anyway?)

I would love to see this device in action, but I got on the web was a bunch of cool images. Nothing more. I want to see how this Croix interface really works. How good is the web browser? How good is the media players? How easy is email? How consistent are the different apps? How fast is the camera? Etc, etc..

So please Samsung: demo the damn thing!

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5 Responses to “Samsung on a “crusade” to kill the iPhone”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    May I add a little correction?
    Not only Samsung is on that crusade, just about every mobile manufacturer in the world is.

    But I hope before they take iPhone out (which I doubt) I hope they would learn a lesson or two on ease of use, usability, and integration. But most importantly, Quality!

  2. Dave Says:

    But the million-dollar question is: where can I find one with a slide-out Dvorak keyboard?


  3. Samsung Croix/Qbowl/F700: How to NOT launch a phone! - 360east | design, media, technology Says:

    [...] I talked about the Croix name earlier. So what’s up with Qbowl? I first noticed this new name while I was in Germany last week. The phone is being launched there by Vodafone. The TV spots position it as a device to access the “real web”. This comes at a time when Apple’s iPhone (with its amazing Safari) is already out in Germany (with T-Mobile). [...]

  4. KCOOKE325 Says:

    Is there any way to get thid in the U.S.??

  5. angelika Says:

    oh my god that fone looks soo…....... cool it is so usum i luve it alot i would totallly buy it mostly because it looks really good but iphone is still better then this fone sorry but this fone looks alot better than i phone

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