A ‘special’ mobile plan for parliament election candidates only!

I am not making this up. Jordanian mobile provide Xpress has just announced a special package for the candidates of Jordan’s parliamentary election and their campaign staff.

Talk about fanatical customer segmentation!

The company said it will rent out the handsets to the candidates during the duration of the election campaign.

The most important thing that Xpress should figure out is, how to guarantee they will get these handsets back. Many candidates will not be in the mood to return those phones once they loose the election. I predict that some of them will smash their phones against the wall once the results come out.


4 Responses to “A ‘special’ mobile plan for parliament election candidates only!”

  1. nasimjo Says:

    dont worry, motorola iDEN phones are anti bombs even :D

    My iDEN device dropped from the 3rd and 4th floor several times, it still works perfectly.

  2. ArabianMonkey Says:

    The last time a telco gave us free phones as part of supporting our project, one frustrated crew member flung it high and far into the pit of a construction site. Hours later I remembered he did that and figured what the heck, let me at least go get the chip out and we’ll just get him another handset. I walk over looked down at the phone, and there it was staring back at me – 3 missed calls! LOL!

  3. Ahmad Al-Sholi Says:

    I think its smart, and that can easily be solved by a deposit for all delivered mobiles!

  4. Nas Says:

    i have to agree with al-sholi, it is a smart marketing campaign. there is literally a whole market of people who run for elections, some of whom have a large campaign staff. it’s a good way to cash in.

    that being said, this is overall categorized as quirky news :-D

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