Heard of Aranim?

A few days ago I heard about Aranim in a conversation with a client. Then I read this article in Variety, which talks about the latest developments in the Jordan’s nascent film industry.

Aranim has set up an impressive online gallery with Arab inspired comics artwork. Very impressive stuff but very little details on project specifics. It seems that this company, founded by a certain Suleiman Bakhit (could not find much info on the man online) is out to develop comics and games that provide Arab kids with positive role models.

This is happening, apparently, in cooperation with the King Abdullah fund for Development, and is attracting talent from outside Jordan.

I found this interview with Brazilian comic artist Eduardo Francisco. Of his involvement with Aranim he says:

Right now I am working along with Suleiman Bakhit, who is building a new comic, animation and game studio set up in the country of Jordan. The objective is to produce amazing characters and stories using Middle Eastern mythology.

The company is a partnership with the King Abdullah Development Fund. The reason for the involvement of the fund is because the fund is very interested in developing the comic and animation industry in their country. The youth in the Middle East lack any real positive role models and stories that can inspire them in a positive manner. Suleiman is very interested and driven to bring the positive aspect of their culture to the world for the sake of their youth and to share some of the rich Arabic culture with the rest of the world. I feel much honor to be apart of this project.

I leave you with some images from Aranim’s online gallery. For more, check out their site..

Aranim calligraphy ship

Aranim boy

Aranim scifi

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19 Responses to “Heard of Aranim?”

  1. omar Says:

    Oh if you just see Suleiman’s office, with the huge murals on the stairs of Salah El Din as well as the collection of action figures and comic books! hehe
    I loved the work they’re doing, unlike the huge failure of The 99 or God knows what’s it called.

  2. Humeid Says:

    Are you sure the99 is a failure? Please elaborate..

  3. Moey Says:

    the 99 is a huge success, most of school kids read it in the gulf and it is doing good business, even marvel comics.

  4. laith Says:

    Suleiman’s work has impressed from day one, he is one of the most creative people i know. The guy literaly is creating a new character everyday.

  5. T Says:

    Suleiman is actually the son of the PM! He has been doing a comic (or animated images!!??) book on the story of my husband the pilot Muwaffaq Salti, who was shot down by the Israelis in November 1966. He wants to bring the heroes of Jordan to the children. Excerpts have been printed and the whole thing is to be published on November 13 this year. I applaud Suleiman’s energy and ideas and hope that he will be successful in his venture. T

  6. Hussein Says:

    the link on Variety requires a username/password..

  7. Hussein Says:

    and they are talking about a published magazine since May this year.. with a 50,000 copies!! is it available? or what?!?

  8. eyad Says:

    wallah, i feel happy when i know that there are some ppl who try to change for better, thnx for the post.

  9. Pheras Hilal Says:

    It’s great to see how our King and Queen are both putting their PR efforts into work: If it weren’t for their connections, directors like Brian DePalma and Nick Broomfield wouldn’t have chosen Jordan as a setting for their films. They would’ve opted for a country like Tunisia or Morocco.

    I’m not sure that the 99 is a huge flop; Teshkeel did a great job in adapting DC and Marvel comics into Arabic and the 99 seems to gather plenty of momentum…

  10. Sam3aan Says:

    first Sesame Street then Araneem. JEEEZZ. there is more obsession with thought control in jordan than with basic education, no thanks to American influenced faulty priorities.

  11. Naif Al-Mutawa Says:

    The 99 has had successful impact worldwide. Recently it launched in Indonesia in Bahasa Indonesian and will launch in the US after Eid. We are further in discussions for Spanish, French and Turkish languages as well as animation on the horizon. Good luck tot he team in Jordan and I hope we can collaborate

  12. Ron Says:

    Phares, jordan has been stumping grounds for many renowned directors since Lawrence of Arabic.

  13. Dustin @ Venture Says:

    The artwork looks great on the Aranim site… but as we all know, there is a big difference between producing stills, and pumping out a consistent product. Time will tell. I wish them the best of luck.

    I wrote a feature story for this month’s Venture Magazine (‘The Hero Complex’) on Teshkeel Comics. It will be on newsstands early next week, insha’allah.

    The founder Naif (the comment above) is a provocative character with alot to say on the social and economic value of his IP. Teshkeel dominates comic book market in the middle east, and there may even be an animation deal in the works.

  14. omar Says:

    “Teshkeel did a great job in adapting DC and Marvel comics”
    see, they lacked the creativity I think Aranim has currently – Especially by the fact that he’s going to feature Jaffar El Tayyar, Salah El Din and all these iconic figures in the Islamic history.

    Why do I need to read an Islamised version of Catwoman, the Hulk or whoever? I don’t know, but to me it didn’t succeed. I feel there’s huge monopoly regarding the matter that there are no other competition of Comic book production companies, yet.

  15. Moey Says:

    Naif Al-Mutawa, i like your work, in fact I have a signed issue of the 99, the first one.

    I have to say as a loyal comic reader for the past 17 years, I love your comics, they remind me of old good days when Basim the arabic comic magazine adapted marvel and dc, but with a failure.

    I also like the archies in arabic, kids love it! and the 99 is a great story.

  16. NM Says:

    I am very impressed of what MR Bakhit has accomplieshed and what he is going for. I wish I can be part of his organization one day and help with this dream project of his. I hope I will hear back from him. I live in the states, and would not mind moving to Amman any where else in the middle east , I am from an arab Origin Born in Amman :)

    Looking forward to hear back.

  17. an Says:

    rich kid son of prime minister with no skills to speak of get tons of money from the king’s fund to realize his dream.

  18. Kazbah » Kuwaiti Cartoon The 99 on Al Jazeera Says:

    [...] As comparison have a look at Aranim from Jordan – a comic by Suleiman Bakhit inspired by the abuse he expreienced in post 9/11 USA when he realised that the superhero role model was missing in the Middle East. Click HERE for website, HERE for Variety article and HERE for info. [...]

  19. Kazbah » Kuwaiti Cartoon The 99 on Al Jazeera Says:

    [...] As comparison have a look at Aranim from Jordan – a comic by Suleiman Bakhit inspired by the abuse he expreienced in post 9/11 USA when he realised that the superhero role model was missing in the Middle East. Click HERE for website, HERE for Variety article and HERE for info. [...]

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