Nokia launches war of openness against the iPhone

Nokia open to anything

Apple is being perceived as being on the evil side these days. It’s latest software of the iPhone is not only re-locking unlocked phones but also disabling third party application (which are still officially) unauthorized and, in some cases, even screwing up some devices which have not been tampered with.

Enter Nokia.

Its latest ad campaign, entitled ‘Open to anything’ uses an unlocked icon as its main visual and sing the praises of openness (of its own devices of course).

I find the iPhone’s closed approach pretty annoying myself. Nokia is clever stressing that point at this time. On the other hand, as an owner of an N95, I have also been annoyed by the glitches that start appearing once the number of apps on my increases.

Also, the look and feel of many Symbian apps is pathetic. So I also have some understanding for Apple’s insistence on controlling the experience on the iPhone.

The bottom line: openness is cool as long as it doesn’t crash my phone.

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