ATV to soft launch soon?

ATV error

I still do not understand what exactly went on at ATV over the past few weeks. But today there was news from Petra, about a go-ahead for ATV from the Audio Visual Commission. I am quoting the Petra story in full below.

Meanwhile, the ATV channel on satellite, which started with promos two months ago, then switched to showing the ATV logo a couple of weeks ago, now is showing a “Video Lock Error” page. I’ll keep an eye on that.

In the meantime, you can watch ATV shows on ikbis. Some new shows were added last week actually.

Audio-Visual Commission Permits ATV to Start Satellite Transmission

Amman, Oct. 2 (Petra)—The Audio-Visual Commission (AVC) allowed Jordan’s first privately owned terrestrial and satellite TV station, ATV to start satellite transmission as of Today, Director of AVC Hussein Bani Hani said.

Director General of the Jordanian United TV Broadcasting Company, Zeid Rashdan sent a letter yesterday to the AVC requesting its permission to start satellite transmission, adding that the company was still not yet ready for this process due to financial reasons.

Rashdan said in his letter that he would inform the commission later on the new date of broadcasting, noting terrestrial broadcasting will start once the new company rectifies its financial status.

“The company, which bought the shares of the ATV’s previous owner Mohammad Elayyan will also settle all outstanding issues with the Jordanian Radio and Television Corporation and the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission,” he added.

Ownership of the ATV was transferred to a Jordanian company called “Al Ajayeb for Investments”.

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6 Responses to “ATV to soft launch soon?”

  1. Moey Says:

    at last… sigh

  2. Bilal - Black Jack Says:

    I cant wait to expierence its launching.

    I did so much verbal and email advertising for it, here in the USA and also back home.

    seriously, one of the best Jordanian creations i have ever witnessed. I hope they’ll keep up the excellent standards they promote. time will tell.

  3. Jalal Says:

    without Muhannad Khatib, the de facto founding father of ATV, the channel will be a castrated version.

    This is like removing the head of the IAF and putting Maroof Bkhait in charge and still calling it IAF. What happened in ATV is nothing short of a government-orchestrated Coup d’Etat.

    My prediction, ATV will be a worthless variety TV, further embarrassing Jordanians. While JRTV projected a backward, incompetent version of Jordan, ATV will project a frivolous, neoliberal ,faux Victorian version of Jordanian society.

    We just cant seem to get a break.

  4. Ahmad Al-Sholi Says:

    Still what happened is unclear, owner was changed, managing person was changed too, the license was given after…
    Jalal, liberal approach is not to be blamed as this represents parental state role.

  5. Zaki Says:

    seems its clear… for the first time some one in the channel said “financial reasons” for us lots of money spent till now and now when the government give OK no money to run the channel…. ANJAD its weird… corruption before it start, seems same things in JTV since in the last few month there is some clashes regarding the JTV staff and some news reports talk about corruption there will if our media is corrupted in its financial side then we all should do some thing!! Personally i don’t know what to do :-)

  6. ArabianMonkey Says:

    Mohannad Khatib talks to AlJazeera Talk, revealing something at the ATV fiasco, but certainly far from the whole story:

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