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Check out SYNTAX’s latest branding work for Play 99.6, Jordan’s No.1 Hit Music Station.. A full press release about this project will be issued soon..

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  1. 18:39 Says:

    very cool! good job! i hope they make the website really usefull and interactive though, like you could request a song online and then be told approximatly when it will be broadcast etc..

  2. Nader Says:

    Yup. Very Extra nice.
    Does such a thing cost too much? You know, just in case :-)

  3. Ameen Malhas Says:

    Cool site… will it be streaming for us expats abroad ?

  4. Natasha Says:

    Ahmad, this is so cool. Really, top-notch work. I have the same question as Ameen: Any plans for streaming it to expats?

  5. Humeid Says:

    Thanks for the encouraging comments people. I think they have plans to stream it in the future. They are quite an ambitious bunch. Play is basically a Top-40 oriented station, pure English. So if you’re into your nostalgic 30s or 40s you might find it too much R&B and hiphop oriented.

    But their presentation style and professional orientation makes me personally happy. Finally the monopoly of Radio Jordan (with its ‘salad’ of muic and it cliche ridden DJs) is over.

    We’ll be seeing a lot of competition in this field in the coming months (it will be severe by the way). I hope that this will result in a better service for the listeners.

  6. OmarK Says:

    Very original and distinct, should have known syntax was behind the branding from the start!

  7. jameed Says:

    Umm…will it have “LC” on Fridays? =)

  8. Mazen Halaby Says: will be streaming live shortly!

  9. Anonymous Says:


  10. omar Says:

    hi can a see mor site

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