Who is Amman’s best skateboarder?

Just a question. Is there an answer? Forward this question to a friend who might know. I want to know!

UPDATE / 15 October: Check out the videos I posted on ikbis in the comments below.

UPDATE / 16 October: Alternative Jordanian news site 7iber.com has just posted an article by one of the skaters on Culture Street, Ahmad Sahli.

It seems every new form of self expression in Jordan has to met by society with an accusation of SATANISM. In the 1990’s it was heavy metal and the kids with black T-shirts. Now the skateboarders? DUH!

Pedestrians and Ammani citizens in general still look down on skateboarding, some even relating it to Satanism. We relate it to art. The purpose of this post is to simply clarify any misconceptions about us, or at least give a better understanding of what skateboarding is about for us. To many we might seem as mischievous teenagers with nothing better to do, but there’s more to what we do and why we do it. We all come from different backgrounds, from the Jordanian orphan who seeks stability in life through skating, to the foreigners who share their style and experiences acquired from their home countries.
Check out the whole 7iber post here.

And keep the info coming..

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20 Responses to “Who is Amman’s best skateboarder?”

  1. Nas Says:

    check 7iber.com this week and you’ll get a glimpse of what you might be looking for ahmad :-)

  2. Nizar Says:

    I am a good skateboarder, but not the best :P

  3. Sami Says:

    Heh.. I know my son Ahmad is one of the best skateboarder players in Kuwait. good luck

  4. Humeid Says:

    Nizar: any videos.. photos, stories, links?
    Sami: same questions..

    Nas: you are cooking something?

  5. Humeid Says:

    Videos taken Monday 15 Oct 2007. Culture Street, Shmeisani..

  6. ramsey Says:

    One of those skaters in your video, submitted a piece and some videos and pictures. Check it out:

  7. ahmad sahli Says:

    thanks for embedding my post.
    i think the answer to ur question is saif qaisi, hes going places with his skills, hes pretty much every jordanian skaters role model.
    theres also omar nash, hes also one of the best skaters here.

  8. ahmad sahli Says:

    by the way omar and saifs videos can be found on youtube

    omars video
    saifs video

    deffinetly worth a look

  9. asoom Says:

    My brother is a skateboarder, he used to carry a stupid skateboard everywhere he went. One time he caused quiet the commotion at an airport when he rolled his skateboard through the security machine thing and the officials had no clue what just flew past the screen and freaked out.

    I didn’t realize amman had a skateboarding scene, interesting!

  10. mohammad zakaria Says:

    i have to agree with ahmad, saif does take skateboarding here in amman to the next level, i mean whenever you look at him he’s either at the bench or at the stairs or tryin somthing realy hard.
    he’s the first to get to share3 al-thaqafeh and the last to leave…
    and he’s always the one callin everybody to go skate.
    so yea my vote goes to saif qaissi….

  11. Farah Says:

    I think it’s so stupid that some people associate skateboarding with satanism. what’s the link?! on a different note, i’ve always wondered why they only speak in english (at least thats what i noticed)

  12. mohammad zakaria Says:

    well farah, its because as you noticed many of us come from different communities, so there’s no other way of communicating excpet through english.
    and it is true how skateboarding is often related to satanism.
    pretty sad ha!

  13. sanad wer Says:

    i give my vote for omar nash know that saif is gone
    (no disrespect for the others you guys are also good):D

  14. misha Says:

    u give a vote for myself ahahaha

  15. Gaith. Says:

    well i guess that one of the greatest here in jordan is mhmd zakaria… i saw misha’s skateboarding & he is good… but didnt know yet who’s the greatest here in jordan.
    keep it up guys n girls

  16. Rani Says:

    Do you by any chance know any places that might teach you skateboarding in Amman?
    Pleasseee reply if you do, it’s urgent.
    Thank you. :)

  17. mohammed zakaria Says:

    hey rani,
    there are no places that teach skateboarding in amman. but hopefully this summer inshalah we will have somewhat a skatepark , and maybe a skatecamp.

    but, you can always show up to shmesani “culture street”, and ask anybody to teach how to ollie, they’ll be more than glad to do so.

  18. Laith Says:

    Hi I live in abu dhabi but come to amman every summer, I’m here right now and am trying to skate but its really hard “shmesani culture street” seems like a good spot but where do i tell a taxidriver to go?

  19. shahd Says:

    ello, i started to skateboard bas so far all i could to is skate and go down some inclines. is there a skate park or skate camp where i can get some help? xD thanks

  20. Natedizzle Says:

    I dunno if anybody still comments here.. but im from the United States but im coming to Amman in July of 2010… i plan on bringing my board and camera, i wonder if anybody can show me some good spots?!

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