Aljazeera Talk launches Video Talk with

Aljazeera Talk: Video Talk

Aljazeera Talk is not only a pioneering “citizen media” super blog. It’s one that has endorsement from a super brand: Al-Jazeera.

From Al-Jazzera Talk’s about us page:

An Arab-based multinational-oriented space; through which a generation of young Arab journalists are gathered by supreme human values and are open to international community, seeking to extend bridges of dialogue, spread awareness and form a new strong public opinion, which is capable of understanding our reality, as well as positively influencing our society to serve development.
A few days ago, AljazeeraTalk launched Video Talk, an interactive channel on, the leading Arab video and photo site. Aljazeera Talk will periodically post an issue for discussion on the channel, using to solicit video responses.

The first question was: What is freedom?

Aljazeera Talk
Check it out and post your own video about what freedom is..

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5 Responses to “Aljazeera Talk launches Video Talk with”

  1. Moey Says:

    thats cool promoting, way to go

  2. Firas Says:

    Jazeera talk is infested with Al Qada supporters, extremists and radicals.

    They allow things like this:

    Again, what’s freedom? Should citizens who think others should die be allowed to speak?

  3. Lina Says:

    Great job you guys :)

  4. Hoida Says:

    aljazeera talk is the best arabic blog .. good luck

  5. SAS Says:

    Al Jazeera is the best – it shows what needs to be shown. It is not, contrary to popular misconception, a terrorist television station, but the fact that it has been accused of being such is an indication of the fact that it is doing something precious right.

    watch it at

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