Blouzaat opening night

Pretty amazing what the Blouzaat guys did with their little store (on the Rainbow Cinema side street, just off Rainbow Street)..

Blouzaat map

On the opening night on Sunday, I hung out there and watched a good crowd turn out. The T-shirts were flying off the shelves (not exactly shelves but cool boxes, with the t-shirt’s art printed on the lid). Price: JD 25 a piece. These are limited edition T-shirts. You won’t find half of Amman wearing what you’re wearing.

Don’t forget to ask about Bettina’s bags from Guatemala..

Met many friends and had good conversations..

Even met a fellow blogger :-) (thanks for all the commenting btw)

Took pictures..

Bouzaat shop window

Blouzaat boxes

Blouzaat art

Blouzaat Sandbox

Blouzaat box lids

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9 Responses to “Blouzaat opening night”

  1. manal y Says:


  2. omar Says:

    you get your t-shirts in a pizzabox-style package, no? now that’s creative :D
    uft I can’t believe I missed the opening! bass hopefully will visit as soon as I am in Amman!

    nice shots Ahmad, a bit wobbly but quite illustrative anyway =)

  3. Nasser Says:

    Really nice idea and looks like a nice shop will definitely go and check it out. I like the area of rainbow street alot especially with all the developments they are doing there. good luck guys

  4. bob Says:


  5. Ali Says:

    Wallah this is something to be proud of. I like the idea so much.
    Have to check it out.

  6. Ruba Saqr Says:

    Lovely place… was good seeing you Ahmad,


  7. Firas Says:

    Mabrook!Good job.

    It’s always nice to have people who had an idea, planned it, and then followed it through to a successful outcome!
    I think teenagers would be your main customers? Should hire some loud guys in private schools promoting your T-shirts.Anyways, what’s with the bull logo? Bringing the “Satanists” rumor sooner :D ?

    Are these the same people behind : Teeshirtat?

    Good stuff, keep it up creative entrepreneurs !

  8. Moey Says:

    Nice work Ahmad and Manal, I was there as well.. first customer to buy, I was there by 6.45

  9. Pheras Hilal Says:

    Cool cool. I love the store’s presentation and the work in Dunia. Pretty good stuff!

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