Hajjaj Watch: Can you tell the difference between these two cartoons?

Brillain cartoon by Imad Hajjaj today.

It’s elections time in Jordan and the “Tribes of Civil Society” are making their appearance. Hajjaj’s cartoon is a commentary on the absence of real political forces from the scene and the domination of the tribal voice.

(For English speakers: the four candidates have made-up Jordanian tribal names that reveal their political direction: Marxist/Leftist, Arab Nationalist, Islamist and a Business/Vote buying candidate).

But, I just noticed a strange difference between two versions of this cartoon today. The first one comes from Hajjaj’s site, the second one was published in Al-Ghad...

Can you tell the difference?

Hajjaj: Tribes.. with Islamists changed

Hajjaj: Tribes of Civil Society

What is going on here?

13 Responses to “Hajjaj Watch: Can you tell the difference between these two cartoons?”

  1. Jad Says:

    The second from left, most probably the script was censored on print yet it’s legal to be published online or at least less harassing to be published online.

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Wallahi, the way things are, I fear for the safety of our amazingly talented voice of the people Imad Hajjaj

    It’s no longer a joke to mention anything that remotely criticize Islamists. Not to generalize, but anyone who is not with them is against them, Kafir and Jahil.

    I think the editorial staff decided not to get in a confrontation right now, since the Image above resembles Hasan Al Banna a lot and that might be a major No-no

  3. zeid nasser Says:

    why would alghad change the Islamist guy? Oh and in cartoon one he looks like King Mohamad of Morocco… Right?

  4. Batir Wardam Says:

    The second cartoon has omitted the reference to Hassan Banna, the Egyptian founder of the Islamic Brotherhood Movement and replaced it with an anonymous charcater. I guess it is the editorial policy not to provoke the IAF and I agree with that, this time!

  5. laila Says:

    a good observation, aside form the mockery tone and words, the figure changed, i think in the first one it is Hassan El bana while i could not recognize the person, or relate to him.

    Thats something !!

  6. Moey Says:

    I think because it was mainly calling all non-muslims kuffar? and alghad does not want to get into trouble, since they already are. and everyone wants to find the slightest issue to make them shut down?

  7. Moey Says:

    and that guy is disturbing, in alghad’s edition

  8. Mazz Says:

    dear God…
    lol@moey! he kinda looks like an evil santa

  9. Roger Says:

    The Marxist references Karl Marx,
    the nationalist ba’athist represents Saddam???
    and you guys knew who the Islamist represents (Hasan Al-Banna),
    but who is the last one?

  10. Bassam Says:

    صباح الخير
    الغد قد قامت بتغير صورة حسن البنا الى صوره شخصيه اسلاميه عاديه خوفا من الوقوع في قضايا الدعايه الأنتخابيه لأن البنا لا يزال صوره دعائيه لحزب جبهة العمل الأسلامي بخلاف الشخصيات الأخرى

  11. Isam Says:

    yea i didnt see th Ghad one … i failed to know that the guy is the Mahjoob.com cartoon is Al-banna … but he put Saddam and Marx … so i dont think they should be offended … i dont know why they did this … but the second face doesnt seem to be done by Hajjaj … i dont think its his style

  12. Sid Vicious Says:

    well if u can’t tell the difference, you’re definitely blind.

  13. Qusai Bin Kilab Says:

    I think the whole idea that was censored is the fact that Islam has always been a tribal/ political movement more than a spiritual device. “Your candidate in Jahilyyah and candidate in Islam” not only applies to Islamic candidates who promotes themselves as both Allah’s candidates AND the tribe candidates, but it also may be referring to Quraish itself.

    For details see “Quraish: From the tribe to the Central state”

    As a self-proclaimed liberal, fighting censorship of any kind should be among your priorities, and budging under the pressure of regressive forces, and applying self-censorship to satisfy some groups is reprehensible.

    A few steps ahead you would, for example, be lobbying to stop crticism of the American occupation of Iraq so that we don’t provoke Jordanian contractors/candidates who benefited from it.

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