Email learns to fly.. (notice anything interesting?)

This must be the strangest application on the planet: 3D Mailbox. You have to watch the video to believe it!

And there’s a hidden little ‘goodie’ in the video. Let’s see who notices it first. hehehe..

[via” TechCrunch]

9 Responses to “Email learns to fly.. (notice anything interesting?)”

  1. Roger Says:

    Royal Jordanian jet?

  2. hamede Says:


  3. Humeid Says:

    And the winner is.. Roger! Beating hamede by a mere 3 minutes.


  4. Moey Says:

    leish RJ betga66e3 w heyye mashyeh

  5. 3D Mailbox Says:

    Good plane spotting, guys. Yes, Royal Jordanian has one of the nicest liveries on the planet, and we were delighted to feature it in our trailer.

    – The guys at 3D Mailbox

  6. Mustafa Anabtawi Says:

    I saw something like that a while ago, but it was on a beach with girls in bikinis instead of planes the spam was sharks, this one looks like a parody!

  7. ArabianMonkey Says:

    So in addition to RJ being in this vid, what the heck is this app? Is it something totally cool or absolutely stupid?! I’m laughing so hard at this ad!

  8. amjad mahfouz Says:

    Heyyyyyyyyyy the Royal Jordanian :D
    ya 3ammi sorna waslien

  9. Ahmed Says:

    It’s not the first time for them .. the guys at 3D mailbox released an earlier version which used another concept .. it was like a swimming pool and new messages come like walking individuals .. the app identified the sender name as girl or guy based on names database technique and you see those guys and glas coming to dive into your swimming pool and when you delete one message you send the guy out ..

    Well .. it’s interesting .. but not practical at all .. I prefer the GMail interface to this one :P

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