Wakalat Street is the first in Amman to be WiFied

Cool news in Al-Ghad today. Al Wakalat Street, Jordan first pedestrian zone, is now also Jordan’s first municipal WiFi zone. Umniah is providing free wireless access in the street. I think I will pass by soon and test it out on my WiFi enable phone.

Umniah, by the way, will be Jordan’s first Wimax provider. The launch of the service seems imminent. I saw some ‘under construction’ pages on Umniah’s website under a heading that says ‘Umax‘. Nothing is there yet but something seems to be coming soon.

If anyone has had the chance to test the WiFi on Wakalat Street, please share your experience with us..

10 Responses to “Wakalat Street is the first in Amman to be WiFied”

  1. nasimjo Says:

    Umniah roxx :)

    for real … this was missing for us around here … and more of this must be provided, for free … and it can have ads instead of paying money ,,,, one good example was my experience with http://www.free-hotspot.com/ in prague …. the only thing you Pay is 30seconds of ur battery lifetime seeing a commercial when you 1st get connected …. then,,, FREE FREE FREE … and unlimited! while here … 5alleenee saket!

    yup I saw the UMax pages on the website too earlier this morning:P still empty …

    except for this page: http://www.umniah.com/NR/exeres/C95A20A2-6520-4ACD-9A40-5D85605FA77F.htm

  2. Humeid Says:

    Good catch Nasim..

    it’s pretty lame of Umnia to be updating their site in public like that, with unfinished pages and all..

    But cheers to them for doing the street..

  3. Ola Says:

    Yeah I saw the ads at Wakeem’s, thought it was them who ar providing it… but this is really cool!

  4. Sid Vicious Says:

    Oh crap, speeds ranging from 128kbps to 2048kbps ? That’s it ?

    By the way…

    Who here is under the impression that his/her connection is 1 or 2 MegaBYTE ? (it’s Megabit, big difference).

    I’ve met a lotta people who are genuinely under the impression they have 1 Megabyte connections (which translates to 8Mbps). Do these ISPs purposely neglect informing people about the difference? Or are people just ignorant? An ISP I called even had the nerve to call the 1028kbps connection the “GIGA” line.

  5. Pheras Hilal Says:

    Isn’t that great! I personally am very happy that Umniah won the bid for Wimax and not ex-Fastlink! By the way, I remember that JUST have been testing it out as well for quite some time, so it would be great to see this in Jordanian universities as well.

  6. Moey Says:

    tried it, won’t connect on iphone, macbook nor windows powered nec.

  7. Anas Rababah Says:

    what i know that WiMax can support up to 70 Mbps as fixed stations, but seems that the goverment do not allow more than 2 Mbps..
    but i’m sure umniah will provide a good packages of prices with mobility with fixed phone lines supported with wimax

    cheers umniah

  8. Global Voices Online » Jordan: First Wifi Street Says:

    [...] Al Wakalat Street, Jordan first pedestrian zone, is now also Jordan’s first municipal WiFi zone, announced Jordanian blogger Ahmad Humeid. Share This [...]

  9. ArabianMonkey Says:

    Tried it yesterday on MacBook Pro. Doesn’t work! Bad claims. Big promises. PR lingo misuse. Joke!

  10. Zeidan Says:

    wakalat street is a good investment; like everything else in jordan. http://www.wakalatstreet.com

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