Please tell me who to vote for in the 5th district


OK.. I have not blogged about the elections. I have left that to other, much more capable bloggers. Election day is 15 minutes away and I still have not decided who I should elect tomorrow.

I spent some time looking at election ads and posters. I even followed some of the election coverage in the dailies. But not one candidate sent me his/her electoral program. I found one candidate who has a web site. Other than than that all I saw was lots of semi smiling men with mustaches.

I am in a bind here.

So I am outsourcing the decision to you, my dear readers.

Who do you think I should vote for in Amman’s 5th district, and why.


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7 Responses to “Please tell me who to vote for in the 5th district”

  1. Batir Wardam Says:

    I am also hoping to outsource my vote in the 6th district.

  2. Shaden Says:

    You might find this Website useful:

  3. Humeid Says:


    Thanks for the link. This is the best thing I’ve seen in this whole election campaign. It doesn’t have all the candidates in the 5th District, but I was finally able to get some info on some of the candidates.

    Now on a negative note, I was not impressed with the candidates. Will have another look in the morning.

  4. Joladies Says:

    I am supposed to be voting in the 6th District but have given up the idea as I cannot get any good info on the candidates and my lack of fluency in Arabic precludes me from reading about them. Wish I had changed my District to the 3rd then I would have had no problem. But it is the lack of political parties with a platform which I find the most difficult to cope with. I would much rather vote for a candidate who belongs to a party as then it would be clear (?!) that they would have influence in parliament. T

  5. Firas Says:

    You always have the option of leaving A BLANK PAPER!

  6. Rami Says:

    I guess you are originally from Nabluse, so find a Nabulsi candidate and vote for him, this a way of thinking about it :)

  7. Ahmad Al-Sholi Says:

    Ahmad, go for a blank paper. It says that you care about the country and that you are not happy with this situation. Unfortunately, I reissued my ID this year so it does not say that I am registered in the 5th district.. So I can it go.

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