The rise and rise of Ammoun News

Ammoun news Alexa chart
Here is a remarkable fact: Ammoun News, a news site that is almost exclusively read in Jordan (or by Jordanians) has shot up to attain the rank of 3800 worldwide over the past few days. This means that this site has been probably been getting tens of thousands of visitors a day recently.

In the days leading to the parliamentary elections, I’ve become addicted to Ammoun News. I call it the “Jordanian journalist’s cafe” as it not only publishes news as it happens, but also exposes all the rivalries and chatter of the journalistic scene in Jordan. Just read the comments. A true reflection of what most of time is only whispered in the country: geographic rivalries, affiliations to political cliques, personal agendas and so on.

Ammoun News has been extremely active in covering the election race. In the past 48 hours it has been thriving on publishing all the chatter surrounding the formation of the Dahabi government. It publishes in real time. It is way faster that the traditional newspapers’ web sites. Look at the comparison graph below and you’ll see that Ammoun is poised to take over Addustour’s web site any minute now, in terms of reach and ranking. It was the first with election results and also the best place to check on the final results of all candidates (although it republished them from Addustour).

Comparing Ammoun News to newspaper's sites

Ammoun News is also highly interactive. Some of its election articles where getting hundreds of comments, making the whole site even more valuable to political and media junkies.

So: two conclusions here. 1. Constant, up to the minute updating is the way to go for any news site (obviously). The traditional newspapers sometimes attempt this, but aren’t doing it well enough. 2. The Jordanian internet user base has grown to degree that it can propel a Jordanian site to the upper ranks of the net. This is very good news for those of us in the online business.

Would like to write more, but sorry, got to check out the latest gossip on Ammoun about the new ministers who are having a retreat in Aqaba!

6 Responses to “The rise and rise of Ammoun News”

  1. Moey Says:

    It is cool, I read their stuff from time to time.

  2. Seraa3 Says:

    Ammoun News is Grudge News, is Vindictive News.

    Ammoun News are run by those on the outside who want to get in and close the door behind them. That’s basically 90% of Jordan’s opposition today, with the exception of the islamists, ironically.

    Ammoun News is an pro-regime, ultra-nationalist website that wants to be given a chance to prove it and attack everyone who does not give them a chance to prove it. some confuse them with being an “opposition” or “alternative” media. They are a LET-ME-IN media.

    once you analyze their content you will notice that they are 100% pro regime, but their primary source of discontent is that they are not part of the decision making circle. Sort of like Nahid Hattar and before him Tareq Masarweh, and other “opposition” who once invited into the circle of insider glamor, turned out to be more friendly than a lazy feline.

    in jordan’s intelligentsia, there is an interesting phenomena that makes it hard to differentiate opposition/alternative media with “i-want-in-too” media.

    Ammoun News seems to NOT have a problem with the status quo. They seem to have a problem with a status quo that does not involve them on the power side, even if the status quo remains.

    Also, try to post comments that are…well…independent. they simply will not include them. post some chest-beating pro-regime and anti-opposition comment to an article, and it will be up on the comments section in no time.

    Too much for alternative or independent media in Jordan.

  3. ArabianMonkey Says:

    I’ve recently started to frequent Ammonnews and have found it somewhat informative. Yes, there’s a lot I filter thru myself and don’t take as absolute (but is there any news source that we take absolute anyway!). Some bits they post are sensational, but as you say they are constantly updating, and I love the pulse I get from the comments as well. I’ve found them a useful option to browse thru.

  4. Humeid Says:

    Regardless of what kind of media it is, the interesting fact for me is how much traffic it’s getting.

    And now that Seraa3 has told us about its vindictive nature, it’s even more interesting. It’s the power struggle from the inside. Cool!

  5. Made in Jordan Says:

    Ammoun is the new Shihan. That’s why it is popular. Ahmed, remember that you’re in a country that is obsessed with Layalina and regards the Alchemist as a work of literary genius.

    Give people senseless crap without offering any true evidence, without backing it up with quotations, and give them gossip, and they will devour it like a pack of wolves.

    Ammoun is successful because it plays on the emotional chords of people; we all know how emotional we are. We know how logic has little weight in our lives, and how reason and common sense are hardly ever utilized.

  6. Maen Says:

    Ammoun News is a very nice website it’s good to have such a service that show Jordanians & the whole world what is really happening in Jordan in a way that differs from the traditional perspective that we all used to by our local news providers. BUT there is one thing that i can’t understand from such an open/free journal! Since they are promoting themselves as a free media why I couldn’t see what I have posted as a comment to one of their articles just after receiving their message thanking me for my “participation”! Is there someone who reviews my comments before publishing them? is that what is called free Journalism ?

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