Jordan Telecom cuts wholesale internet access prices

I found this in the Jordan Times today:

By cutting internet protocol (IP) connectivity prices by 25 per cent starting December 1, 2007, Jordan Telecom Group has brought down the total reduction since the beginning of this year to 53 per cent.

“The IP connectivity represents a significant part of any Internet Service Providers’ (ISPs) costs,” JTG Chief Executive Officer Mickael Ghossein told a press conference on Sunday.

“By decreasing its wholesale rates for IP connectivity, JTG enables ISPs to reflect all or part of this reduction to Jordanian end users, thus contributing to the enhancement of ADSL penetration in the Kingdom.”

Noting that JTG is the main supplier of IP connectivity service to ISPs in Jordan, Ghossein said the move comes in line with the global trend in decreasing the cost of providing services to ISPs consequently benefiting customers and end users.

According to Ghossein, the cost decrease for the fourth time this year was also made possible by the leverage of JTG resource utilisation on the existing infrastructure. He said there is room for further cuts in the future without giving any details.

The article goes into some details about pricing methodology that will give ISP more opportunities for creative marketing.

Every reduction of internet prices in Jordan is very welcome. But it’s still a long way to go until internet access can become a truly popular phenomena in Jordan. Let’s see what the ISPs will offer us after this reduction of wholesale traffic costs from JT.

The introduction of Wimax in Jordan might be a driving factor behind JT’s announcement.

Two people in our office are using Umniah’s UMAX and are very happy. Wimax is truly revolutionary in that it speeds up the connection procedure from weeks to hours. Just buy that station, connect it to you PC and you’re good to go.

(BTW: I got a test station from Umniah weeks ago but could not get ti to work because they are too busy to set up my account)

Wimax does not cover all of Amman, but that will probably change. I am hoping that Wimax creates a momentum in Jordan that pushes ISP’s to offer better packages.

My wish list remains:

  • Accounts without bandwidth caps (or much higher caps).
  • Prices that are in line with European access prices.
  • Introducing 4 MBit DSL connections (and higher).

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8 Responses to “Jordan Telecom cuts wholesale internet access prices”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Is there any coverage map for Wimax in Jordan?
    Wimax was created for countries LIKE Jordan with poor infrastructure. If Umnia plays it’s cards right, they will replace every ISP out there.

  2. Moey Says:

    there is Qwaider, on umniah’s website

  3. nasimjo Says:

    Qwaider, the links are available here:

  4. Sid Vicious Says:

    I found Global One on that map! remember them? hehe

  5. Mustafa Anabtawi Says:

    Umniah Wimax service currently only covers 30% of amman.

    However a friend of mine has subscribed to it and he is having trouble with the connection and suffering from the poor customer service (any where from ‘we will call you back’ to not answering his calls at all).

  6. Ahmad Says:

    Umniah is very well known to provide low quality services, so I’m not very excited about this nor finding it promising, yet, I hope time proves me wrong.

    Orange ADSL service (especially browsing) is becoming worse everyday, and each time I call they tell me that there is nothing wrong and blame my setup (My PC, Network…etc.), although I told them that when I try connecting using another account from 2 other different ISPs on the same setup I get blazing fast speed, and yet they insist that the problem is on my side, go damn Orange Internet!

  7. tariq Says:

    Orange trying to provide low quality Problems are pop ing out they are becoming like Umniah …. wish mobilcom com back again

  8. ISPwoes Says:

    I suggest an article or a string of them on the horrible state of ISP service in Jordan or a full review of all the major ISPs. Orange internet is just horrible, 20% dropped packets at times, BatelCo has no dropped packets but they throttle just about anything and everything you want to do on the net, so your “open download” between midnight and 7:00am becomes a “metered open download”. The reason these companies can keep screwing customers over en-masse is because nobody is saying anything, they need to be held accountable for their complete lack of due care while providing a service people are paying good money for.

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