Bansky and friends on the walls Palestine, again

British graffiti/urban artist Banksy returns to Palestine once again. He and a group of Palestinian artists create these artistic interventions..

 44277495 Banksy1

 44277514 Banks2
 44277538 Bansky3

 44277543 Banks4

 44277563 Banks5

 44277583 Banky6

 44277609 Leg

 44277639 Banks7
See the BBC story here.

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8 Responses to “Bansky and friends on the walls Palestine, again”

  1. Saned Says:

    This is great! The picture with the leg coming out of the wall looks SO real!

  2. peter Says:


  3. Moey Says:

    Bansky is just an amazing person

  4. Morrissey Says:

    These works are really terrefic! The sad thing is that they will get “customized” soon by anyone who pass by them. Writing some poetry, or adding some political Fateh slogans, etc….

    We don’t have the faith that art should speak for itself!

  5. Moey Says:

    yeah thats sad

  6. Ohoud Says:

    Morrissey: Yeah, sadly the last one already has hamas and fateh slogans all over it.

  7. omar Says:

    Banksy is just brilliant, I love how influential an anonymous man can be in such time of our lives.

    He embodies just what every artist should be, liberated from whatever standards, non-commercial, politically aware and activist…

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    [...] British Graffiti on West Bank Barrier 8 12 2007 360East caught this on the BBC. The British artist Banksy has painted new murals on the West Bank barrier which runs beside Bethlehem, dividing Palestinian and Israeli  territory. [...]

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