What? WHAT? Watwet!

It’s on the web. On the mobile. It’s addictive. Watwet ;-)
(and yes, it’s another TootCorp production)

39 Responses to “What? WHAT? Watwet!”

  1. bakkouz Says:

    And since its invitation only, How about an invitation then, so we can check it out? :)

  2. bakkouz Says:

    Thanks :)

  3. bakkouz Says:

    Oh, its only for Zain users? I’m an Orange user, So it seems I can’t use it :|

  4. Humeid Says:

    What Bakkouz??? You’re on Orange.. OMG you need to switch man. :-)

    You can still use it on the web. But yes, for the mobile stuff you need to be on Zain my friend.

    So switch already! LOL.

  5. Dave Says:

    I like the little cartoon explanation. So how ‘bout that invitation? ;)

  6. Ahmad Al-Sholi Says:

    Can you send me an invitation?? pleaseeeeeee.

  7. Bilal - Black Jack Says:

    Another stupid and silly mobile service that drains the pockets of our youth in Jordan and consumes our already ‘underutilized’ brain power.

    I wish, instead of zain wasting the time and money on such service, to have come up with better internet or e-commerce solutions, upgrade our outdated internet infrastructure or perhaps engage the potential target market for such service (youth) in new IT awareness.

    I read an interesting comment, somewhere on another jordanian blog, that talks about how in Jordan, specifically west of amman, the mobile service is so advanced, almost better than any asian, american or european counterparts, while most of our nation is still on dial up. saddening.

    Don’t get me wrong man, I like your posts and your enthusiasm for introducing to us new services and technologies in jordan, but this one is a No No for me.

  8. bakkouz Says:

    well, I do have a Zain line but i only use it for work, so it won’t do me any good :P

  9. Amal Says:

    thnx, gr8 design especially the the logo i love it. gr8 work :)

  10. Humeid Says:

    Dave, Ahmad..

    What do you think I am Santa??

    Ok. Ok. I AM Santa. I just invited you guys. But please spread the love.

    Amal.. thanks for the nice comment..

  11. Humeid Says:

    Bilal.. :-) take it easy man..

    This service could SAVE the kids money (think about it for a minute).

    And this service can be used beyond just ‘kids stuff’.. It can be used for e-commerce and informational services.

    All respect..

  12. Moey Says:

    I’d not mind an invitation ahmad

  13. Nas Says:

    i was going to ask for an invitation but apparently it’s zain-only :-)

  14. Sid Vicious Says:

    I think I’ve seen something similar once on the web… I can’t remember the name though. Nice idea though.

    And Bilal, chill man. It’s not like the service’s forced on anyone.

  15. Muhammad Basheer Says:


    I’m waiting my invite if you don’t mind :)

  16. Moey Says:

    Ahmad, work on other networks + zain please!

  17. ArabianMonkey Says:

    What? Not on Orange?

    Santa Humeid, spread the love man!

  18. sabeur Says:

    great design and another great tool from Toot.

    Invitation plz

  19. suha Says:

    can u please send me an invitation to the site watwet

  20. Hafez Adnan Says:

    Wallah mabrouk Ahmad, gr8 design, please send me invitation :)

  21. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the invite. The site is beautiful and signing up is a breeze.

  22. tambi Says:

    good luck people. And amazing job.

  23. tambi Says:

    what are the advantages over twitter?

  24. Bilal - Black Jack Says:

    okay, will do :(

  25. cold0zero Says:

    can i get a invite :)

  26. Humeid Says:


    advantages over twitter:

    More detailed profiles
    Supports the sending of photos via MMS
    Bilingual interface (Arabic/English)
    Cooler preset design
    Shorter domain name :-)

  27. Ahmad Al-Sholi Says:

    thanks for the invitation, Santa :)

  28. tambi Says:

    :) shorter name. Love that one. Got it on the bilingual support.
    Again congrats on a amazing job.

  29. Amal Says:

    Ahmad, i only can invite 10 people? and can u find a way 2 invite people outside jordan?

  30. Faisal Says:

    ممكن واحد يرسلي دعوة؟
    Can any body send invit to me

  31. Humeid Says:


    You can invite whoever you want using your ten invitations. On the web (and using email notifications) watwet can be used everywhere. But on the mobile it currently can only be used on Zain Jordan. They are the exclusive partner of watwet.

    In the near future, we hope to bring watwet mobile updates to more countries.

  32. Fouad Masoud Says:

    ok ok where do i start.

    First this is extra GR8 guys love the idea, and the implementation.
    i can say i spent a fair time browsing around the site and checking all the features its pure and simple, yet as you put it addictive.

    i have a very bad habit of looking for downfalls in anything that meets my eyes when its web related :D and i have a couple. ill just place them randomly as they pop into my head.

    1- Why pop-up for smiles, come-on guys pop-ups are dead.

    2- Ok the site is simple so no need for a user path still would it harm to have main navigation highlight.

    3- how can i say this one, ok it goes like this bottom side-bar you have 2 links one that says “view full profile”the other “Edit Profile”, in the main menu you have a link that says my profile the point here the link in the main menu should point to the “view full profile” page , other wise it should be called “edit profile”.

    4- oh the fonts, its really big 14px is big and somehow ugly, plz don’t mistake accessibility with big fonts, and why tahoma as u know “for sure” its more compact the letters are much closer to each other thats good for arabic but in english u need something more “breathy”, i think verdana is the way to go. not saying that tahoma is all that bad its just that verdana or arial are better.

    5- oh the one-two dance. lets do it together; one column two columns, again this time lets do it right…. one column, two columns.
    Guys be consistent would it hurt if all pages had 2 columns ?

    6- tabs, oh god save space and have more data “not more pages”.

    7- the tabs again, “invite new friends”. the way i c it tabs together should act the same.

    8- i look ugly in that pic where can i change it? first thought; my profile, ooops what!! i cant change my picture there?!
    its nice that u have a page for changing the picture alone, still as far as i know and as everybody using the net knows changing the picture is part of the profile settings.

    9- about page is that all you have about watwet?

    10- load to reload! at first load the site doesnt show, u have to reload it again.

    11- a msg to markup:
    dear markup u shall not have an XML definition on top of the page since IE chokes up on it, you shall not use strict DTD, you shall not open a tag and not close it, you shall not have ids with spacial characters in them, you shall not have the same id over and over again, you shall not have empty tags.

    12- a msg to CSS:
    dear CSS u are ugly, get ur self in order.

    13- the back-ground image of the site doesnt repeat the right way, you can c it break.

    overall! Gr8 work guys :D wish u all the luck, those were just a couple of notes here and there.

    wish u all the best.

  33. Ahmad Says:

    The idea is stolen oh sorry copied or maybe in a nicer way inspired by twitter. :s

  34. Fouad Masoud Says:

    loool love the honesty.

    i spotted that from day one :D

    still, its ok to have a beta that is copied from another site, i trust that u guys will have sth better comin in the way.

    cool stuff

  35. Khawaja M. Says:

    It looks interesting … hope to get an invitation :-|

  36. Avery Says:

    Ahmad, it’s been more than 8 days since your last post!
    Happy EID

  37. Mustafa Anabtawi Says:

    So, its the same as twitter? http://twitter.com and the logo is very similar.

    The cool thing it’s free!

  38. Hafez Adnan Says:

    guys, first at happy Eid, Second I love to comment on “Fouad Masoud Report”,

    fouad there are no web application on the internet that launched completed and without bug 100%, so If there are broken CSS tags or something like that this is not a huge problem, believe me the huge companies like google and yahoo have the same problems, there was an template errors with arabic google jobs interface and they fix it after 3 months, and I think tootCorp will continue improving and enhancement there BETA service.

    and that watwet copy of twitter, I don’t agree with you Ahmad(not Ahmad Humeid :) ) , ok the service Idea is the same, but this is not bad, because if you say you can’t take the idea of site like yahoo, so there will be no more Portals ( like maktoob or albawaba.com …etc) , and I think tootCorp try to launch service with an Arabic soul, so guys take it easy

  39. Fouad Masoud Says:

    Hafez Adnan,

    i never meant to be offensive, and i truly apologize if i have offended anyone.
    its just when i think itoot i think quality and quality means all aspects be it ideas, development, presentation, or what ever ….....

    by the way whats a “CSS tag” :D if u mean selectors and if i follow u right on the broken thing then trust me it is a major problem, but i was referring to redundant, not optimized, and huge CSS.

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