Toot gets Pulped

Pulp magazine: TootCorp is Jordan's Internet Dream Team
Getting ‘Pulped’, in publishing jargon, refers to the process of recycling unsold books or magazines, back to raw material. But as TootCorp is a digital (and not paper-based) company, we were spared this fate :-)

OK, enough of that..

Check out the latest issue of Pulp magazine, which, among other cool internet related stuff, contains a lengthy interview with me about what’s happening these days at TootCorp (creators of,,

There is also an interview with Roba (of the Andfaraway fame) and an article by Naseem Tarawneh who attempts to answer the eternal question: why blog?

Go get your copy now!

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8 Responses to “Toot gets Pulped”

  1. Moey Says:

    Great :)

  2. Bilal - Black Jack Says:

    cool stuff…

  3. Zeid Nasser Says:

    Congrats Toot-ers !

    That’s quite a cool photo :)

    Look forward to you blogging the article soon.

  4. The Observer Says:

    Cool issue! I have it already :)

  5. Fouad Masoud Says:

    :D this is coooooooooooooool way cool, ill be sure to pick a copy on my way home.

    gr8 stuff ppl.

  6. peter Says:

    the future is… orange!
    good work guys mabroulk min sydney

  7. kinzi Says:

    It IS a great piece! It helped me understand that whole ‘watwet’ deal, too. I was curious to see what the photographer said to get some of the expressions you guys wore!

  8. Bardees Says:

    I really enjyed reading the interview, I have so much respect for what you do guys!! it’s genius!

    Good Luck :D

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