Apple creates the world’s thinnest laptop (but still can’t get its CEO’s keynote to stream to Jordan!)

OK. So my sources were wrong. Apple launched a thin laptop and not bottled air.

So congratulation to them.

As a way of congratulating Apple on the launch of its super-thin MacBook Air and other cool gadgets like the Time Capsule, the 1 Terabyte wireless backup solution, I want to offer them a nice gift from Jordan.. (no, not a sand bottle and a hubbly bubbly water pipe).

..Namely, a free account on so that they CAN SHARE THEIR KEYNOTE VIDEOS ON

Come on, Apple!

For the past two years I’ve never been able to to watch your recorded keynote videos in Amman in Quicktime. This is a joke.

Your Akamai solution sucks. Even weeks after the Jobs keynotes are put online, I still cant watch it.

So go ahead Apple, upload the video on Ikbis, YouTube, Google Video or even Metacafe, instead having us look at a blank Quicktime player.

UPDATE/THURSDAY 17 January: I was able to watch the keynote in good quality last night. This is much better than my experience in the past.

13 Responses to “Apple creates the world’s thinnest laptop (but still can’t get its CEO’s keynote to stream to Jordan!)”

  1. Bilal - Black Jack Says:

    Thats strange!

    I can watch it, but I have a Macbook. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

    plus I did see it live yesterday on the net. somebody in the audience was updating their website instantly by typing what steve was saying and showing live pictures and feed. YouTube has alot of their past keynotes.

    However, you have to know that apple periodically pulls out their old and previous keynotes. and I know this for a fact.

    about yesterday, it was a joke. really. I am a big fan of apple and all my computer hardware is Mac and Mac related. however, its absurd what steve is doing. it is not the thinnest laptop. Sony came out with 0.75 inch in 2003. hear that, 2003!! I was so anxious to see the new macbook Air because I just bought yet another macbook this past october and was hesitant to wait or not to wait. now I am fully happy with my purchase of October. Macbook Air didn’t meet my expectations at least.

    though i loved the iPod touch updates! their awesome.

    if the keynote is not working, let me know, I can lend you my macbook or meet you and u can see the presentation.

  2. hussein Says:

    i’m very disappointed with the new macbook.. i was expecting an amazing invention, changes the laptops world upside down!! imagine a laptop recharge it self through the Air! using wimax of wi-fi technologies.. that’s something.. and of course would fit their new brand.. but an expected (very slim) machine with 80GB or 64GB SSD (worth $3,098?!) and multitouch pad.. that’s very disappointing.. and not worth to watch the keynote..

    one good thing that they dropped the ethernet card.. :)

  3. Bilal - Black Jack Says:

    Oh i forgot to mention the Skyhook technology and google cellular “triangles” are waaaay awesome. do we ever need GPS now? :)

  4. Humeid Says:


    What ISP are you on?

  5. Bilal - Black Jack Says:

    TeData, 512 Download rate.

    I have to mention though, that once u start the clip, u have to keep watching it without pausing or forwarding or rewinding, because if u do so, it gets the ‘timed out’ msg and u have to start all over again!

  6. Bilal - Black Jack Says:

    Hussien, I couldn’t agree more with u. its very disappointing. Quite honestly, I can’t function without my mighty mouse and my optical drive built in (i love watching movies and DVDs on my laptop everywhere I go). The ethernet still has it advantages at least in this country where wireless solutions are not yet popular (or reliable and fast enough).

    but MacBook Air is valued at $1800, not $3,098 as u mentioned.

  7. Hal Says:

    I really really really want to just get my hands on that laptop and check it out, REALLY. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait till it makes its way to our Swefieh Apple store.

  8. Sid Vicious Says:

    I can watch them on both my PC and iMac (Batelco)

  9. Mandetta Says:


    Mitsubishi did it even before Sony and of course both did it before Apple.

    “That distinction belongs to the Pedion, an ill-fated notebook developed by Mitsubishi and Hewlett-Packard back in 1997.The Pedion measured 18.4 millimeters thick, which comes out to 0.7244 inch thick. Although the Air gets to 0.16 inch at the thinnest point, the Air is 0.76 inch thick at the beefiest portion, making it minutely thicker. Mitsubishi released the Pedion in early 1998.” (Source: CNET)

    Btw, watch that Apple didn’t say that Macbook Air is the thinnest laptop ever, they said, the world’s thinnest, which might be perceived as if they want to say it’s the thinnest ever, but they actually didn’t, smart wording. ;)

  10. Humeid Says:

    UPDATE/THURSDAY 17 January: I was able to watch the keynote in good quality last night. This is much better than my experience in the past.

  11. hussein Says:

    see the (90min) keynote in 60 seconds..


    i’m a mac user since ages.. so i have problems only with the less-creative ideas from Apple..

    and for the prices, please read my comment again then go and check Apple store to know what i’ve said :)

  12. omar Says:

    why watch 90 minutes when you can watch it in 60 seconds? :D

  13. Osama Says:

    I was able to watch it in a very good quality last year from Amman using my old PC desktop and a 512 kbps ADSL connection.. so i don’t know, i think you have a dead cat in your Modem :) here in Germany i enjoyed watching it on my ipod touch! since it plays h.246 format, anyway the new Macbook Air is the first step in apple’s roadmap for the future laptops, and i think it will contribute big time in pulling the industry to their direction.. i think apple could not do better for the last 380 days, people are getting greedy expecting WAW and revolutionary products every minute, and i really didn’t like how the investors reacted to the whole keynote, 4 Millions iPhone, new rental system (which can be a money machine), macbook Air and other.. and they slash the stock down that was brutal

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