Exclusive video: snow falls on Dabouq :-)

Kids excited. Adults relieved. Finally some snow.

The construction site next door has been deserted by the contractor today. Only two workers where attending to some tasks.

Watwet is on fire with people sharing snow news and photos. Cool!

6 Responses to “Exclusive video: snow falls on Dabouq :-)”

  1. hussein Says:

    these workers are just Great.. working under snow is kind of fun and hard in the same time..


  2. Sabine Says:

    Ah, snow in Jordan! My son is upset, why not in Germany?
    Is this now the ‘sign’? Klimatechange?

  3. Bilal - Black Jack Says:

    I am not excited at all. My heart is still with families and people of Gaza stranded in this extremely cold weather without heat or gas.

    I don’t know if this weather is a blessing or a curse.

  4. omar Says:

    AHMAD! And I thought I’m the only one on earth living in Dabouq! You’re my neighbour, when I’m back in Amman step by for some gahweh :D

    Ba3dein it’s knowns how it snows first in that place cause its quite high, and the weather is always freezing cold!

    Where do you live exactly? I’m opposite to Aref Al Batayneh and Hanania’s houses!

  5. Global Voices Online » Jordan: Snowing in Dabouq Says:

    [...] It is snowing in Dabouq, Jordan, reports blogger Ahmad Humeid, who shares with us this exclusive footage. Share This [...]

  6. Ahmad Says:

    is this the first time it snows in Amman “Dabouq”?
    of course we are excited and thankful, but not to the degree that we post lame videos and make a fuss about a simple snowy day (EXCLUSIVE!!), and the fact that two people are neighbors and live in dabouq one of the high-end suburbs of Amman, by the way; and you’re talking poor hard-working Egyptians
    as i said.. yer7am

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