Watwet opens door to general public ;-)

The private beta of Watwet is over. Now you can join even if you don’t have a VIP “wasta”. Many things have been changed in response to the extensive feedback of our testers. Better privacy settings (you can now hide your timeline, prfile details, etc). Ability to whisper (in Arabic “Washwish”) to multiple friends (which is an AMAZING feature by the way). A social timeline, showing you who became friends with who. More smilies. Mass inviting people from your address book (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL). A refrigerator (wait.. what? The refrigerator didn’t make it into this version? OK). Ok you heard it. Despite all the changes we managed to make to Watwet it still cannot refrigerate your food.

If you have been burying your head in the sand (or snow perhaps) for the past month and still don’t know what Watwet is. Well, I’ll just have to tell you again!

Watwet is your free mobile+web keep-in-touch tool. You write what you’re doing into your Watwet page or as an sms and, magically all your friends will be notified on their mobiles and their own Watwet pages. Mobile functionality will only be available to Zain Jordan users. If you wish you had Watwet on your mobile but don’t have a Zain mobile number, here is a great solution: GET A ZAIN MOBILE NUMBER! OK?


The greatest fun we had with Watwet was during the snow storm two weeks ago. It was crazy. People were sending snow reports in from all over Amman. Minute by minute.

If you think you will be overwhelmed by Watwet messages you are absolutely right! Some people will even tell you Watwet is pointless. Your over-intellectual friend will tell you that it is “just another conspiracy to to keep our youth pre-occupied with their mobiles and to divert their attention from what is truly important in life”.

As for being overwhelmed, you will soon learn that you can control when to receive Watwet messages. As for the “pointless” and “conspiracy” allegations, well, it is obvious that people who make such claims have not used Watwet yet and enjoyed sharing a funny or serious moment with the gang. Or maybe they are aliens! Beware.

Even if you refuse to follow my valuable advice about getting a Zain line, you can still use Watwet on the web like a miniblog and to get connected with people.

So Watwet are you waiting for. Go check it out. And invite a few friends. Get you phone activated after you register and tell us if its snowing where you live.

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One Response to “Watwet opens door to general public ;-)”

  1. Mahmoud Says:

    Congratulations Ahmad. Another innovation from Syntax that deserves long applause.

    I have one comment that may help you market it better: although the tutorial (introductory tour) is beautifully crafted in the form of few running slides, they still introduce Watwet as great TOOL, but they do not suggest what you can DO with this tool. I’m talking about the lack of real-life examples that clarify the idea, establishes the “Coolness” factor and embarks the first spark of “Wow, I’m buying this!” effect.

    I would have grasped it much better if it was demonstrated as “being” a cool thing that fits my lifestyle and improves my social connectivity, rather than being a nice looking (but still mysterious) product on the shelf.

    Looking forward to hear about more innovations
    Keep up the good work.


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