First MacBook Air sighting in Jordan :-)

MacBook AIr
I walked into the iSystem Apple Store in Sweifieh to finally get a replacement battery and a new power adapter for my 3.5 year old PowerBook G4 (no Intel Mac for me yet!).
As I walked into the store, I glimpsed something in the corner of my eye. Can it be true. Can that really be it.

Yes it was true. I saw it and I BELIEEEEEEVE! The MacBook Air. (OK I m overreacting here a bit).

This new Apple marvel looks and feels better than I thought. It is almost not there. Very light. Very thin. Slightly curved.

The first thing you want to do when you see it is lift it up to feel its lightness. It really feels like “the future is here”.

Before you get too excited and run over to iSystem let me tell you that this machine belonged to customer who happened to be in the the store to install something on . I actually met the proud owner. Everyone in the store was describing it as “Lateef” in Arabic, which translates into “nice” but is actually our reserved Jordanian way of saying “niiiiiiiiiiiiice.”

According to the people in the store, the MacBook Air will be available in Jordan in the coming few weeks and will be priced at “around 2000 JDs”. Ouch. But still, “Khafeef, Lateef”..

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9 Responses to “First MacBook Air sighting in Jordan :-)”

  1. First MacBook Air sighting in Jordan :-) Says:

    [...] Wilbert wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt [...]

  2. Moey Says:

    saw it in Kuwait for around 600 KD

  3. ياسمين حميد Says:

    how much is that in dollar?

  4. Humeid Says:

    JD 2000 = 2817 US$ which is ridiculous. The lower end Air is 1800 US$ in the US. The faster one (which has solid state hard disk) is for 3098 US$.

    I wish one day we’ll have US prices for Apple gear in the Middle East.

  5. First sighting of MacBook Air in Jordan - EmiratesMac Says:

    [...] First sighting of MacBook Air in Jordan Ahmed Humeid blogs that the MacBook Air has been sighted in Jordan. It turns out to not be one that’s for sale but a customer brought it in to the store for something. [...]

  6. TripleM Says:

    I’ve just got an HP pavilion 6500 from Kuwait the very next day I saw MacAir at the background of a TV show on Alrai next thing I’m like weeping, and now that I know its only KD 100 extra thanks to Moey I hate notebook and myself even more.

  7. Moey Says:

    sorry MMM :(

  8. Rockfiller Says:

    Don’t buy Apple usual hype, read before you buy, this thing is not good for the money, not even close.

  9. Suz - Fly me back to CA Says:

    HAHAHA I just love the Khafeef Lateef! It is Khafeef if you pay with credit not cash! haha

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