Amman twilight zone elevator (spooky)

Ever wanted to be in two places at the same time? How about being in three places?

In Amman there is a building that has a magical elevator that achieves the impossible. Get in on the ground floor, press the button for the third floor and be amazed..

This defies all logic and science. I experienced it myself!

Any scientists out there who can explain how this is possible?

9 Responses to “Amman twilight zone elevator (spooky)”

  1. bakkouz Says:

    A short Circuit or a faulty Controller?

  2. Ahmad Al-Sholi Says:

    poor installation is my scientific review :)

  3. Dave Says:

    Magic. Just accept it.

  4. ياسمين حميد Says:

    your feet arrived on the 3rd floor, the rest of your body in the 4th, and your head bumped through the ceiling into 5th floor. it is as simple as that.

    the real question is: how did you get out of the building in one piece?

  5. Morrissey Says:

    Ahh! There’s a God!

  6. Sammi Says:

    Dude the buttons are just all stuck so yea you press one,they all light up lol no twilight zone no nothing

  7. Ghassan Yonis Says:

    I don’t think it a “twilight zone” case.. it’s simply an electronic malfunction.. but on what floor did it actually stopped, all three of them :)

  8. omar Says:

    I would explain Ganesha’s connection to this, but it’s too much to handle for you =P

  9. Hamzeh N. Says:

    It’s not an electric malfunction. I’ve seen this done when there are more buttons on the panel than there are floors in the building. They tie the extra buttons to the last floor (in this case the 3rd), so whether you hit 3, 4 or 5, you’ll always end up on the 3rd floor.

    The builder probably did this because they wanted to give themselves the option of adding more floors in the future without having to buy a new elevator panel.

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