Extensya launches, with full branding and design solution from SYNTAX

Mohamad Saqir, Chairman of Extensya
Extensya Chairman, Mohamad Saqir announces the start of the company’s operations earlier this April.

Extensya, one of the most ambitious contact management outsourcing ventures in the region has recently been launched with a brand and design solution by SYNTAX.

Extensya will operate a network of contact management centers in Jordan and the region, serving regional and international clients with advanced outsourcing solutions that combine the power of contact management/call centers with tailor-made business solutions.

The company intends to create hundreds, then eventually thousands of jobs in this field. Outsourcing has been talked about for years in Jordan. The launch of Extensya marks the start of serious efforts to make the industry a reality.

SYNTAX has provided Extensya with a broad range of branding and design services, starting with name development and extending into corporate design, copy-writing, web site design and workspace interior design for the company’s headquarters and first contact management center.

The name Extensya was derived from concept that the company will be a seamless extension of its clients’ business. It also reflects the company’s ability to extend the reach of its parters by effectively managing the “customer interaction layer” in an age where customers demands better service and more attention.

Launching under the tagline “Liberation. Transformation.” the Extensya brand communicates the promise of enabling business leaders to liberate their potential and focus on core activities, as Extensya professionally handles the often under-resourced tasks of customer service, sales support, telemarketing and other related activities. Extensya’s brand further promises that the company’s services will transform contact management from a “chore” into a “customer interaction opportunity” at every turn of the business cycle.

SYNTAX’s branding and design work for Extensya builds on over a decade of experience in building technology and telecom brands in Jordan and the Middle East. SYNTAX provides research, strategy, design and technical implementation services which empower both startup ventures and established operations create strong, differentiated brands, develop clear and effective communication materials as well as innovate new products and user experiences.

For more information on Extensya, check out their launch website.


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