Careers: Quit that advertising job and do something better with your management skills!

OK people. We are looking for both senior and junior project coordinators.

At the Big Name ad agency you’re working at, they probably call you ‘client servicing’ or ‘account executive’.

Let me also guess: there is just too much office politics where you work.

You’re probably wasting your life communicating with clients who insist that their idea of a dancing banana is the best creative approach for their campaign and who are so stingy they won’t let your designers buy a JD 50 stock photo! What’s even worse is that your boss is on their side!

Incidentally, your boss probably wears a suit that’s too expensive.
One of your Art Directors thinks he’s super innovative, just because he has a weird/cool haircut.


At SYNTAX we have none of that. (OK, one of our designers has bleached hair, but he’s really creative too:-).

We do design because we want to make the world a better, more interesting place.

We do branding because we believe in creating true identities for great companies and organizations.

We are in Amman, but we work for really big and really small clients in Dubai, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait and sometimes even the US and Europe.

We have a great mix of work for commercial companies, NGOs, social initiatives, and government.

The diversity of what we do ranges from designing a little icon to conceptualizing huge buildings.

Our team of 20+ people is a mix of nationalities, personalities, interests and backgrounds.

So what will it be for you: Client Servicing Dancing Bananas or Coordinating Real Design Work?


2 Responses to “Careers: Quit that advertising job and do something better with your management skills!”

  1. Basem Says:


    I’m tempted though i have the ilusion-of-knowledge of your typical non-syntax “creative director” in this field of work?

    You take partimers? (and follow-up closely on my own project while at it ;-)

  2. Faris Says:

    Orange announced Iphone 3G release in JORDAAANNN!!

    ! I am sure you will love this news Mr.Humeid

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