Orange to bring the iPhone to the Middle East (and Jordan): the mystery is starting to get solved..

iPhone in Jordan

Apple Insider has just reported that Orange will be offering the 3G iPhone in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (including Jordan, which was named in an iPhone deal for the first time).

But it is Egypt that starts to reveal the future of iPhone exclusivity in the region. Vodafone has already announced that it intends to offer the iPhone in Egypt some time ago. Orange, thus, will be a “co-exclusive” or “non-exclusive”) provider of the iPhone in Egypt and other countries.

I would be not be surprised if Zain will offer the iPhone in Jordan too. Some of the Middle Eastern markets, like Jordan, are just too small to grant one operator exclusivity.

Well. At least now we know the iPhone is coming to Jordan officially soon. The timing of the launch and the pricing remain unknown.

The iPhone has already gained popularity in Jordan. My brother, who just came from Germany, told me he sees more iPhones in the hand of people in Jordan than he sees in Germany.

A lot of people are getting exposed to the Apple brand this way. I am hearing more and more people telling me that they decided to get a Mac too. All of this is happening despite Apple apparent lack of interest in the market, which I’ve complained about before.

If anyone out there works at Orange Jordan (or at any other operator), I am sure all the readers of 360east would be interested in more juicy details about the iPhone’s arrival in Jordan. So drop a comment anonymously if you want. Hehe..

[Thanks to reader Faris, who had already posted a comment with the news on a previous post, even before I wrote this post.]

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11 Responses to “Orange to bring the iPhone to the Middle East (and Jordan): the mystery is starting to get solved..”

  1. Hisham Says:

    This is good news, now I think iphone will work all over middle wast and Vodafone will provide it in Egypt,, which means full Arabic support from Apple.

  2. H. Salameh Says:

    hi, I really hope this happens soon because I’m coming back to Jordan and I really want one. I did some research and another blog confirmed the roomer.

    on a different note, but still in the apple spirit, I was wondering about how good the apple service is in Amman. I purchased apple care for my macbook pro and I really hope service would be as great as it is here in Montreal. has anyone had experience with this matter?


  3. H. Salameh Says:

    ok, I did more research and orange lists the countries in which they will offer the iphone, and Jordan is one of them. they dont mention when its going to happen though. below is the link.

  4. Ali Says:

    It’s easy for you guys to get one , Since you all got some extra cash to spend , The Iphone is amazing , But it’s out of my reach , Enjoy it guys.

  5. H. Salameh Says:

    they’ll get cheaper eventually. Insider information: apple is soon to release the new version of the iphone which will be even better than the first one, so hold off and dont buy one now. cheers.

  6. Farris Says:

    If an iPhone is unlocked, will it work in Jordanas of right now. Would it work better with Zain or Orange, and can you call, receiv

  7. Farris Says:

    If an iPhone is unlocked, will it work in Jordan as of right now. Would it work better with Zain or Orange, and can you call, receive calls and texts. Also would the internet work there. Is there anything to be done with the network. Please answer soon, as i bought an iPhone and unlocked it, and im going to jordan in about a month and need to know if it will work. Thank You

  8. ZxB Says:

    C’mon, it is coming closer…....... I Hope it GETS IN TO THE U.A.E as well. Please tie up with any of the operators I dont care iWant and OFFiCiAL iPhone launch in the U.A.E.

  9. Naveen.R Says:

    Apple i phone3g is the most sexest model of the year 2008-09 i think so.we hope apple iphone3g should launch every county at a time because we people r ready to buy now if it take’s time to launch then the people will try for other brand’s like nokia,sony,htc,samsung so plz make it fast as soon as possible.

  10. Ana Says:

    hey guys! i’m looking for iphone but not expensive, i live in Jordan and i really want to have it, anybody can help? thnanks alot

  11. abeer abuoun Says:

    please i need to know when will we be able to buy the 3G iphone from orange?? please advise a date.. would it be possible b4 2nd sep. 2008?? what would the cost be???

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